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Prime Days are finally here and I've rounded up my favourites from !! 

Prime Day Deals!!

1. INSTANT POT! If you do not have an Instant Pot you need to get one! It honestly will revolutionize your cooking and everything tastes sooo amazing!!! It's on for $99!!!

2. BLENDTEC BLENDER- On for $319 from $549!! I've heard amazing things about this blender! I keep praying our blender dies so I can buy a new one lols.

3. DIONO CARSEAT- Diono Carseats are amazing and this one is down from $450 to $286!!! Smoking deal for anyone who needs a carseat!!

4. BOON PLATES- These are in my cart for checkout! I looove baby plates that make it hard for them to throw on the floor, ha!

5. LIGHTBOX LETTER SIGN- This is only $23!! It's in my cart today.

6. KITCHENAID MIXER- My Kitchenaid is my favourite wedding gift. I still use it mulitiple times a week and it is in pristine condition. These babies are built to last!! This one is down from $689 to $329.

7. WHITENOISE- I've heard amazing things about this white noise and it's on for $19.99!! If you are having a baby, this is a MUST.

8. HAPE TODDLER ACTIVITY BOX- I love Hape toys and this one is a great deal!

9. BOB STROLLER- I love my Bumbleride but I know people who have BOBS just LOVE THEM! This is a great running stroller too!

10. VEGGIE SPIRALIZER- I've been wanting to get one of these for a long time!! It's on for $23!!

11. CLARISONIC FACIAL CLEANERThe original is on sale for $109! I still have mine that I purchased before I was married, so at least 6 years old and works perfectly. It's the best way to wash your face!



Have you found some good Prime Day Deals? Let me know in the comments!!

XO, Laura



You guys...SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!!!! We've had a late-ish winter for us up here as our daffodils are just starting to bloom (they usually start blooming in early February!) 

With Spring just around the corner, I started to make a Spring Bucket List (which I'll share in a couple weeks) and believe it, or not, SPRING CLEANING is on that list.

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5 Inspiring outdoor spaces

When we purchased our home, our backyard wasn't a huge selling feature. Sure it was pretty large and fenced (except for the hedges on one side). There are major trees blocking out the sun so James and I don't spend a lot of time out there.

BUT now that we have Luca we actually go outside quite a bit and I can just imagine that will increase when Luca's little sister arrives!

My hope is to do a major overhaul- new modern fence, fire pit w/ bench seating...or amazing tile patio, kid's play structure...but sadly we won't get around to any of it this summer. It's going to be quite the project because it rains a lot here over the winter, so we would need a space that could be partially taken down or would stay covered over winter!

So in the meantime, find me here dreaming about these places? And how amazing is that tile above!!!!?

cozy backyard fire pit with bench seating
boho backyard patio
backyard patio with bench seating
Dreamy backyard patio



The time has come to update our living room! Things change when you have a baby...especially when said baby starts to move around. You actually have to sweep your floors and pick up everything because if you have a random stray bit of cardboard in the far corner of your house, said baby will pick it up, and try to eat it and then proceed to gag and you'll have to pull it out of their mouth....true story, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine ;) 

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