Oh, hey there 2013, you've been good to us.

I still am marvelling over the fact that it is new. years. eve…. weren't we just here last week?

2013 brought me many beautiful adventures. I can't help but smile when I look back and reflect on what I was able to experience. The year wasn't always smiles, there were hard, ugly times but again I will hold to the truth that God is faithful.

Here are just a few of my favourite moments of 2013...


In April James and I went on a road trip to California. Our stops were Portland, Redding (Bethel), San Francisco, LA, COACHELLA, Salvation Mountain, San Diego, and Disneyland (of course)

The trip was absolutely incredible, my favourite moments from it had to have been front row at Beach House at Coachella (it was particularly special because Beach House was the first band that James and I ever bonded over), stopping in at Bethel for a church service, exploring Salvation Mountain (soooo magical), listening to "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" by C.S. Lewis on our 16 hour drive day and Disneyland (of course!!)


In July James surprised me with a teensy, 7 week black fur ball. He was a born cat-hater but was converted into a cat-lover after a couple hours with that little black fur ball. At first we thought the kitten was a he so I named him Richard Parker but after some googling, we figured out he was indeed a girl!! I named her Coco and she has been such a little joy to me (aside from the random biting and scratching and litter box emptying..)


In August James and I had the privilege of going to India with a group of awesome people from Adore. It was life changing. Getting there was a miracle. We had A LOT of money to raise and God provided every last penny. THANK YOU so much to all of you who gave and prayed and supported us!! I still can't believe we went to INDIA. The trip was very challenging in a lot of ways but man, did I ever see God move. It was such an honour to serve at Living God Church. A few of my favourite moments were seeing 300 youth show up at a youth conference (and witnessing a ton of those surrendering their lives to Jesus!!), having the honour of speaking to teen girls, meeting the incredible interns who taught me what true service means and seeing James do what he does so well- leading worship and training up worship leaders. It was such a blessing to be able to serve alongside James. I'll never forget you Chennai. (You can read more about our trip on our joint blog)


Another one of my highlights was seeing James pursue his dreams and launch LIIRA.  He poured out his heart and soul and worked his butt off! I know I'm biased but check out my man's website and buy the single on itunes!! Can't wait to see what God has in store for LIIRA in 2014. Proud of you babe. xo


A few other highlights included seeing my sister marry the man of her dreams in June, seeing my sister-in-law marry hers in September, Illumiante (obviously!!!) and seeing God move in mighty ways at our church!!


May you have the best NYE and embrace 2014 with anticipation. Praying for your best year yet :)


Peace out 2013, you've been a trip.


Stay gold,