Welcome to S.S. Heart! My name is Laura Liira and I am from Victoria, BC, Canada. I've been married to James aka my hunk of burning love for five years (Here's the feature Ruffled did on our big day!) and mama to Luca (aka the Lion). Check the birth story for all the beautiful/gory details (VIVA LA EPIDURAL). Our baby girl, London Rose came October 2017 and she is the sweetest thing ever. Check out this post on when we found out we were having a girl and here is the link to her miraculous birth story.

I write about motherhood, lifestyle, faith and everything in between. I love being a mama. This season has definitely been one of the hardest seasons of my life but oh man, also the most rewarding one. I'm thankful for wisdom from above that helps me mother two under two. I write a lot about postpartum life and I'm particularly proud of kicking the postpartum body blues to the curb.

I’m on staff at GT Victoria. I love my job AND love being a mama. Right now I’ve found a good balance of working 4 days a week and being home with my babies 3 days a week. If you’re looking for a church in Victoria, BC hit me up! I’d love to show you GT!
When I was 18, I lived in London, England. That was the year I said goodbye to my ordinary life and HELLO to Jesus (also hello to Topshop, ha). Being half Italian, I'm naturally passionate about a lot of things (chocolate, snapchat, coffee, baby clothes, dry shampoo, etc, etc) but what really gets my heart fired up is seeing people experience freedom in Jesus Christ. If you ever want to chat about anything faith related, please email me! 

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When I'm not on hanging out with my babes or netflix binging, you can find me working away on photoshop. I love graphic design and the love just keeps growing and growing. Interested in working with me? Check out the design page.

I started s.s.heart (starlet's sparkling heart) in December of 2009 as a wee little tumblr micro blog. I first started it to showcase things that made my heart sparkle. Although, I still like to do that, over the years, my focus has shifted more to writing to make others' hearts sparkle. As Kanye once said, "I'm just trying to change the colour of your mood ring."...except my goal is to make you smile, I'm sure he had different motives..ha.

I'm determined to use my voice to speak life, encouragement and inspiration into others. There's a lot of junk and discouragement out there in the world wide web. Instead of trying to be perfect I'm choosing to be real and vulnerable. Sometimes it's pretty and sometimes it's not but hey, let's cry those ugly tears together girrrrrl. 
Let's be friends and make the internet a better place, ok?

If you have any questions, drop me a line! I'd love to hear from you.


PS. I'm social media obsessed so be sure to follow along for constant cute baby updates!

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