non-maternity maternity dresses

The thing about being pregnant in the summer is you want to live in dresses every dang day. We've been having a mad heatwave over here and I'm so over it...ha, sorry summer ppl! But thank goodness I've been able to wear these summer dresses to keep me as cool as I can get!

summer dress
summer dresses
summer dress // ssheart

I'm loving this gorgeous off the shoulder dress from Tobi. It even fits over my 7 month bump! The great thing about it is I'll be able to wear it when I'm not pregnant! Most maternity clothes feature the bump but post baby that is NOT what you want, ha.

summer dress perfect for pregnancy!
t-shirt dress

This t-shirt dress is ridiculously comfy and it even has pockets!! I've worn it non-stop since I got it!

summer dresses

How gorgeous is the detail on this dress! Unfortunately, my belly was too big to rock it on it's own but come fall, I'll add some tights and boots and be good to go!!

Check out Tobi for some amazing deals on summer dresses!

Outfit details...

Blue off the shoulder dress c/o Tobi, Brown Sandals- Ardenes, Blue t-shirt dress c/o Tobi, Hat- Joe Fresh, Sunnies- Joe Fresh, Light Purple Dress c/o Tobi



Can you believe we only have a month left of summer! To be honest, I'm a little over this hot weather (31 weeks pregnant doesn't mix well with crazy hot weather, ha!) BUT I'm trying to enjoy what we have left of the season!

 When I'm not craving sweets (which is ALL the time BTW) I'm craving a good ol summer salad! \

Here are 5 that I want to make ASAP:

1. Moroccan Quinoa Salad

5 Summer Salads

We make this Moroccan Quinoa Salad all the time. It's very tasty and also super quick and easy  to make! 

2. BLT Chopped Salad

5 Summer Salad Ideas!

This is on my list to make this week! I'm a huge fan of chopped salads and bacon always makes everything better.

3. Grilled Peach Salad

Grilled Peach Salad w/ Honey Goat Cheese Dressing

This Grilled Peach Salad is AMAZING...especially when you get to use fresh, local peaches! And don't even get me started on the honey goat cheese dressing with this one. It's always a hit.

4. Summer Grain Bowls

Summer salads

How good does this summer grain bowl look? I need to make this ASAP.

5. Caprese Orzo Salad

Caprese Orzo Salad

Caprese + orzo = a match made in heaven! This is such an easy and delicious salad to make!

Hope you're enjoying this last month of Summer!!



maternity style

And just like that...I'M IN THE THIRD TRIMESTER! Well, I've technically been in the third trimester for just over a week now..Can you believe it?

I so remember time going by sooooo slowly with Luca's pregnancy but now I feel like I'm going to blink and this baby is going to be born. I wonder how quickly 3rd and 4th pregnancies go...can't even imagine!

The tricky thing as always with pregnancies is finding cute clothes to wear! Once again, PinkBlush to the rescue! I received this adorable white top along with a super comfy black dress (coming soon to the blog!) and I'm so in love. Their clothes are so comfy and make you feel good about what you're wearing....even in the third trimester! So thankful for this maternity store and so wish I had discovered it when I was pregnant with Luca!

White peplum top c/o Pink Blush, Jacket- Aritzia, Maternity Jeans- Top Shop

Hope you had a great weekend!



5 Inspiring outdoor spaces

When we purchased our home, our backyard wasn't a huge selling feature. Sure it was pretty large and fenced (except for the hedges on one side). There are major trees blocking out the sun so James and I don't spend a lot of time out there.

BUT now that we have Luca we actually go outside quite a bit and I can just imagine that will increase when Luca's little sister arrives!

My hope is to do a major overhaul- new modern fence, fire pit w/ bench seating...or amazing tile patio, kid's play structure...but sadly we won't get around to any of it this summer. It's going to be quite the project because it rains a lot here over the winter, so we would need a space that could be partially taken down or would stay covered over winter!

So in the meantime, find me here dreaming about these places? And how amazing is that tile above!!!!?

cozy backyard fire pit with bench seating
boho backyard patio
backyard patio with bench seating
Dreamy backyard patio


large family photoshoot

For mother's day/mum's 60th bday this year, my siblings and I got together and purchased our mama a family photoshoot. Our mum raised four children and she must have done something right because we all turned out ok...lols, JK LOVE YOU MUM.

But seriously, our mum is a champion, she was a single working mama and worked her butt off to support us kiddos. I'm blessed to have 3 amazing siblings and have gained a beautiful sister in law, wonderful brother in law, gorgeous niece and incredible nephew in the deal too!

Family is a beautiful thing, but let's get's also messy and holds a lot of pain too. But where there is pain, there is opportunity for healing. I look at this photo of my family and I see so much redemption. I see God's incredible work of healing and restoration. He's not done yet but oh, if you could see how far we've come, you'd get weepy. Miracles happen.

How stunning is my family!! 

All photos by Rachael Alexendra + Co (duhh!)