Now this is where I draw attention to what made my soul sparkle. (Falling in Love & Adventures also made my soul sparkle.)

I started the year off with a corporate fast in my Church. It was incredibly hard but incredibly amazing at the same time. In January God taught me a heck of a lot of things. Last December (2010) I went through a season of depression and in January I received the wake up call & swift kick in the butt that I needed. The Lord helped me recognize priorities and let go of attitudes that were bringing me down. So starting the year off with fasting was absolutely amazing. I prayed and prayed for my family and on the very last day of the fast, my sister asked to come to Church. Just over 2 months later, she became a Christian. And on January 1st, she got baptized!!! How incredible! I am beyond excited for her.

In February we had our 2nd annual conference for teen girls, ILLUMINATE. We had 60 the first year and somehow our numbers doubled! 120 teen girls being encouraged, equipped & empowered to go & love for Jesus in their worlds! Chocolate + high pitched screams + girls learning their value & worth + chocolate + 844 roses = one amazing weekend. You can read the incredible story about how God gave us 844 roses here. YOU MUST READ IT!!!

So many more things made my soul sparkle that spring…City Reach, Historymaker… but another huge thing for me was going to CRIMEA ! Seriously, such an amazing mission’s trip. You can read more about that here.

In July I spoke again at Camp Imadene’s, Teen Girls Camp. What an incredible honour & privilege. I’m still amazed that God would let me be a part of seeing young people come to know Christ. Seriously, beautiful stuff.

Adore Conference was another amazing soul sparkler. To see people of the church rise up and serve wholeheartedly with so much excellence was unreal. God moved in drastic ways. When you devote a weekend to spending time with Jesus, the possibilities are endless. Today we picked out a tentative date for this year’s! I’ll let you know as soon as it’s confirmed.

Obviously there were things everyday which made my soul sparkle but these were just a few highlights. Currently I’m at the beginning of the 21 Day Fast with my church. This year I’m believing for even bigger things! More on the fast tomorrow!