I went to NYC in 2010. I went to LA in 2011. Both cities were pretty dang magical.

In both cities, I didn’t get to spend the copious amount of time that I would have preferred. Both were HOT. NYC was experiencing a little heat wave when we were there, and it was seriously smoldering. If I were to choose one to live in, without a doubt, I’d pick NYC. The skyscrapers alone make the ol’ ticker sparkle. I could handle throngs of people at all times. I’m a city girl at heart. Yes, LA does have the Californian sun and DISNEYLAND going for them but there is just something sooo alluring about NYC. I want to go back and get lost in that concrete jungle.

Free People's January NYC vs LA lookbook displayed looks from both cities. Clearly NYC takes the cake.



Which one wins your heart? LA? or NYC?

over n out,