4 Ways to Help With the Back to Work Transition

You guys, I’m going back to work in ONE WEEK. It is blowing my mind that this time next week, I’ll be WORKING!

I’m a mixed bag of emotions right now!! Firstly, I love my job so much. I have amazing co-workers and I get to do what I’m passionate about doing!! Buuuuut I will miss my lazy days with my babies. This time around I’m only going back 4 full days instead of 5 which means I’ll have one more day with the babes! That day gives me soo much peace. It was so different going back last time because I was already 4 months pregnant with London and I knew I’d be back home in 5 months. All that being said, I am SO excited for this new season!!

But with the transition, I know I need to get my butt in gear!! And for me that means ORGANIZING EVERYTHING!



Here’s what I’m doing to help keep our household organized as I make the transition back to work!


    I’m saying PEACE OUT to the days of wearing leggings all day/every day and HELLO to wearing cute work clothes! Because my body has changed so much in the past two years, I needed to update up my wardrobe. I purged a BUNCH of clothes and then found some new tops. My favourite one that I’m wearing in these pics is from Pink Blush. I wore a ton of their stuff during pregnancy but they also make cute non-maternity clothes too! This top is my favourite. So comfy and goes with everything! I’m in love with the puffy sleeves.
    I’m going to lay my clothes out the night before. It saves me sooo much time in the morning!


    Mornings are going to be CRAZY. James will still be working in October so on days where we have outside care, I’ll need to have things organized and ready to go. For me that means, laying out my clothes + kids clothes, make my lunch and make sure there is food for the kids, and meal prep for dinner next day. This list makes me a bit anxious thinking about it BUT I’m reminding myself that spending 30 minutes the night before is waaay better than being a train wreck who’s late to work the next day!!


    Meal planning will SAVE YOUR LIFE. Ok, not like Jesus will but it will save your sanity. It seriously helps us soooo much. We tend to plan out the meals on Saturday and then do our big shop Sunday morning (we’ll have to change that to Saturday soon as I will be working Sundays!) I try to make at least one meal that will have leftovers. Check out my pinterest board for meal ideas! I write it all out in my planner and then check to see the day before if I need to defrost or do any other prep!


    This is something that I just started to do but it is helping me sooo much! It’s super simple and probably a lot of you are doing it but you basically just block out time in your weeks for different things. This will be VITAL for me to do when I’m back at work. Obviously I’ll have to do it with my workload but also for my evenings. I have a blog/IG, beautycounter biz, workouts etc etc to fit in. So when I time block, I give that thing undivided attention and don’t get distracted with watching IG stories (which I soooo do, all the time!!) Time blocking has helped me become WAY more productive!


I’d love to hear what keeps you organized!! Let me know your tips in the comments!



Fall Style Picks for your Toddler Boy!

I'm sooo happy they started making cute baby boy/toddler clothes! Seriously I could go nuts buying Luca allllll the cute clothes but my dear, dear, hubby is there to remind me of budgeting and how quickly Luca grows out of things...not fun, not fun at all folks...

Here are a few fall picks I have my eye on:

1. Denim Shearling Jacket- SERIOUSLY HOW CUTE IS THIS!
2. Flannel Shirt
3. Jersey Joggers- We did buy these for Luca in a a size up and they are ridiculously comfy and cozy for days at home and play!
4. YEAH Beanie
5. Dino Sweatshirt
6. Black Skinnies- I've purchased two pairs of jeans for Luca from Zara and I'm hooked. They're sooo comfy and look absolutely adorable on him.

Now to look for fall picks for me...just waiting for the baby to come, then I'll be on the hunt, ha!

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glam maternity shoot

A few weeks ago my favourite Victoria photographer Rachael Alexandra took photos of myself and baby girl! My gorgeous maternity dress is from my fave maternity store Pink Blush. Seriously, everything I've received from them has been AMAZING!

We met up just before sunset and caught the tail end of the golden hour. I'm so thrilled with how the photos turned out!

Glam Maternity Photoshoot

I'm almost 37 weeks and am definitely feeling large and in charge, ha..so it's nice to feel pretty! I almost didn't have a maternity shoot with this pregnancy but I know looking back on it, I would definitely regret it. I want my baby girl to know, although I was feeling verrrry pregnant (re: HUGE), it is still such a precious time that I want to look back on and fondly remember. Thank you Rachael for going above and beyond and making me feel lovely!

Dress- c/o Pink Blush
Faux Fur- Forever 21 (similar)
Leather Jacket- Artizia

Still can't believe baby girl is coming SOO SOON!!!!!



non-maternity maternity dresses

The thing about being pregnant in the summer is you want to live in dresses every dang day. We've been having a mad heatwave over here and I'm so over it...ha, sorry summer ppl! But thank goodness I've been able to wear these summer dresses to keep me as cool as I can get!

summer dress
summer dresses
summer dress // ssheart

I'm loving this gorgeous off the shoulder dress from Tobi. It even fits over my 7 month bump! The great thing about it is I'll be able to wear it when I'm not pregnant! Most maternity clothes feature the bump but post baby that is NOT what you want, ha.

summer dress perfect for pregnancy!
t-shirt dress

This t-shirt dress is ridiculously comfy and it even has pockets!! I've worn it non-stop since I got it!

summer dresses

How gorgeous is the detail on this dress! Unfortunately, my belly was too big to rock it on it's own but come fall, I'll add some tights and boots and be good to go!!

Check out Tobi for some amazing deals on summer dresses!

Outfit details...

Blue off the shoulder dress c/o Tobi, Brown Sandals- Ardenes, Blue t-shirt dress c/o Tobi, Hat- Joe Fresh, Sunnies- Joe Fresh, Light Purple Dress c/o Tobi