Pregnancy Announcement

Well hello there! If we’re friends on Instagram or Facebook you may have heard the news that we’re expecting baby #3.

I announced at 10.5 weeks this time around which is the earliest I’ve announced but you guys, my bump is totally noticeable and I hated how I kept complaining that I was sooo tired on IG stories, ha. I even had a friend ask, “Why are you so tired all the time!!”

I know it’s a bit risky announcing before I’ve even heard a heartbeat (my first ultrasound is coming up on Tuesday) but I’m choosing not to fear and trust that baby is a-ok. The first trimester can do a number on your fear/anxiety but I keep telling myself that it is out of my control….which is so hard for me as a control freak but that’s what parenting is all about, letting go of control and trusting God. Yes you do the best you can for your child but we ultimately are not in control. They will grow up and become their own person and make their own decisions (which I reallllly don’t want to think about right now!!)

Pregnancy Announcement

I thought it would be fun to do a Q+A with this pregnancy so I put it out on my instagram stories and here were some of your questions…

Will you find out the gender?

Yes!! When we talked about #3 I suggested that maybe we don’t find out this time but James veto-d that and we’re going to find out. I’m a planner, so finding out is what I usually do but we already have a boy and a girl so I thought a surprise tie-breaker might be fun. BUT I’m excited to find out around 20 weeks. I want to do a fun reveal again because London’s was so fun!!

Was this little one a planned pregnancy?

Yes it was fully planned! I wanted more than 2 kiddos. 4 would be amazing but honestly I think we’ll be done at 3 as I love working and don’t think I could commit to working and have 4 children. Also this pregnancy has been TOUGH with nausea and fatigue…don’t know how I could do that again with 3 kiddos.

Did you have any c-sections?

Nope! Both Luca and London were vaginally delivered. Here is Luca’s birth story and here is London’s. Both completely different births but beautiful in their own way. Hoping for another vaginal delivery (with an epidural of course!)

Any good prenatal vitamin recommendations?

Ha, I’m probably the worst at this because I have a huge problem swallowing pills so I just get gummy ones from Walmart. When I was pregnant with Luca, it was impossible to find them in Canada and I’d have to go to Target and stock up but thankfully these days I can find them anywhere!

FYI- Gummy ones don’t have iron in them…which usually is good for you if you are super sick as iron makes you more nauseous. I usually have an iron deficiency, so I’ll take a powder/liquid iron come second trimester (mine was making me sick first trimester).

Tips on catching your breath…I’m always out of breath.

Ha, I’m always out of breath so I’m no help! It’s usually the first sign how my friends can tell that I’m pregnant.

How have you been feeling?

August was a hard month. My nausea has gotten worse with each pregnancy so this pregnancy has been the hardest. I don’t puke but I’m constantly nauseous and very, very tired. I feel a bit better now that I’m nearing the second trimester. Hoping the nausea goes away for good soon!

How did you find out?

My cycles can be pretty irregular so we tried over a week window. I had a rough estimation of when I should test but I tested early because I always do ha. The first test was negative and I waited a few days and tested at night and there was a faint positive. The above pic was from the test from the next morning. I was almost 4 weeks when I found out.

Thank you for all your congratulations. We really are so thrilled to be expecting baby #3…and my sister is due 2.5 weeks ahead of me! How exciting!!!