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Polysleep Mattress Review

Fun fact about my husband and I. We’ve been sleeping on a double since we got married. YES. We slept on a double through not one but TWO of my pregnancies. We thought we would sleep on a double for life but as all you married people know, the honeymoon season fades and even though you loooove your husband, you also looooooove personal space when you sleep :p

So we upgraded to a queen!! We went with Polysleep and I’m so so glad!



Polysleep is 100% Canadian made mattress. It ships directly to your door in a box! It’s a pretty fun process to take it out and see it take shape. Our kids loved playing on it. The top layer is made of antimicrobial hybrid foam so it conforms to your body to identify and help relieve pressure points. It also helps regulate your body temperature!



So funny story…James was sooo skeptical when we first received the mattress!! He loved our old set-up (even though it was a double) and was not looking forward to trying a new mattress! They do warn you that it takes about 2 weeks for your body to get used to sleeping on the mattress. James’ body adjusted quicker and he loved it and then after about 2 weeks I started to love it as well.

Polysleep has an amazing 100 day trial where if you sleep on it for 100 days and don’t love it, you can get your money back!

Polysleep Mattress Review

We’ve been sleeping on it for over a month now and we are IN LOVE. It honestly is sooo comfy yet firm enough for our bad backs. I 100% recommend this mattress! And it’s Luca and London approved too!

USE CODE SSHEART to save $$$ off your mattress!


5 Inspiring outdoor spaces

When we purchased our home, our backyard wasn't a huge selling feature. Sure it was pretty large and fenced (except for the hedges on one side). There are major trees blocking out the sun so James and I don't spend a lot of time out there.

BUT now that we have Luca we actually go outside quite a bit and I can just imagine that will increase when Luca's little sister arrives!

My hope is to do a major overhaul- new modern fence, fire pit w/ bench seating...or amazing tile patio, kid's play structure...but sadly we won't get around to any of it this summer. It's going to be quite the project because it rains a lot here over the winter, so we would need a space that could be partially taken down or would stay covered over winter!

So in the meantime, find me here dreaming about these places? And how amazing is that tile above!!!!?

cozy backyard fire pit with bench seating
boho backyard patio
backyard patio with bench seating
Dreamy backyard patio