I cannot believe sweet London Rose is NINE MONTHS!! This is hands down my favourite age of the first year. She is sweet as can be and her little (or should I say BIG) personality is coming out!

Here's the Lion's 9 month update:

WEIGHT: 20lbs 9oz
London had some great gains the past 3 months, ha! She's now in the 85th percentile for weight

HEIGHT: 27.5 inches
Her height went down to the 50th percentile but that's totally normal that it goes up and down the first year!

WEARS: I know I've said it a number a times but dressing a baby girl in the summer is SO FUN! She wears lots of dresses, rompers and shorty-shorts! She's mostly in 6-12 month clothing.




SLEEPS: Her sleep has gotten MUCH better. She usually sleeps through the night but sometimes has a feeding around 5 and then I have to wake her around 7! She is a champion napper and NEVER skips her naps. I mostly always have to wake her up from both of them. She's still on two naps and will probably be until about 15 months.

EATS: She eats EVERYTHING! We're pretty much off purees (unless it's a pouch on the go). She finally cut her first tooth but without them, she's been a champion eater! Honestly, she sometimes eats more than Luca!! She's still nursing. Luca weaned around this age but I don't see her weaning anytime soon. (Praying she doesn't bite me!!!) She nurses about 6x a day but only for about 5 minutes and then has about 6oz of formula before bed.

PLAYS: She's been crawling for the past month and it is crazy! She's soo fast and gets into everything!! She constantly tries to open the fireplace and has gotten into our avocado plant, ha. I took her to Bumble and Hive (a local play centre) and she loves it now that she's crawling! She's sooo close to pulling herself up on things.

HIGHS: Reading with her before naps and bed is my absolute favourite. She loves books, especially with lots of colourful pictures. She's also giving the BEST open mouth kisses.. Love my sweet girl so much. 

LOWS: Last month she got a bad GI bug so that was not fun....and then came teething, a few days of a lot of crying. But she's honestly such a happy and easy baby.

PARENTING: Oh man, if you've seen my latest IG post, parenting a TWO year old has been so hard lately! But I've been reading this book and it's already been so insightful. London is a breeze right now (aside from the pic below, ha!!) 

Taking them out by myself is a bit of an adventure as Luca likes to run and she likes to be on the move and then put everything in her mouth. But thankfully if I bring LOTS of snacks, it will occupy her or bribe him, ha.




WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Summer is hard because James works long days BUT we're living for the weekend. Lots of family time is my favourite!! Oh and I'm also looking forward to going to Van next month to see my bestie. TWO nights BABY FREE!!! I love my babies but I am SOOOO looking forward to some personal space LOLS!

Love ya!




Summer Bucket List

Hello Summer!! I'm a little late on our Summer Bucket List BUT our weather here has recently been more like fall so I'm all confused and now craving a Pumpkin Spice Latte, ha!

Do you guys do bucket lists? I just looked over my Spring Bucket List and I'm happy to report that I checked off most things...except for the vegetable garden (mainly due to the fact that our yard is currently torn a part from perimeter drains and fence installation..but next year for the veggie garden!) AND running 5km...I've been on lots of hikes but haven't done a run in ages :(

My Summer Bucket list is a bit bittersweet because right after Summer, I head back to work! I'm obviously so excited to get back doing what I love but I will miss my babies LIKE CRAZY!

Here's what I'm hoping to cram in this Summer...

Our Summer Bucket List:

  • Little getaway to Pender Island (CHECK! We did this a couple weeks ago and it was so fun!)
  • Visit a Waterpark
  • Visit Parksville, BC (we just booked 3 nights in early September. Some of our family is coming up too. I'm SO excited!!)
  • Update Luca and London's Baby Books (I'm sooo bad about this. Need to get photos printed and update as much as I can!!)
  • Stay at a hotel for our Wedding Anniversary (It will be our very first night away from both kids!! Any recommendations for a lovely place in Victoria, BC?)
  • Summer Reading Club (I grew up doing the Summer Reading Club at my local library and it's still going on! Today I'm going to sign Luca and London up for it!!) 
  • Organize Built ins + Junk Drawer
  • Budget update (Sadly, I have to adult as well this summer)
  • Beach + Picnic as much as possible!
Summer Bucket List

What's on your summer bucket list?

XO, Laura



Happy first day of Spring my friends!!! The weather in our neck of the woods has warmed up quite a bit and I am SOOOO HAPPY. This time last year, I was 12 weeks pregnant and gearing up to go back to work so I didn't have too many things on the bucket list but this time around, I'm NOT PREGNANT and not working, which means I'm SO excited to enjoy the warm weather with my kiddos!

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