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The best days are the days when we arrive to a Hello Fresh box on our porch.  We're very big fans of food in our household. Both Luca and London absolutely loved food from their very first bite...it must be the Italian in them ;) 

So let's just say when the box arrives, we get real happy in our house.




So here's what you will find in the box:

  • Dry ingredients and produce for three different meals
  • Meat for each meal (or no meat if you get the vegetarian option)
  • Recipe cards for each meal

It's packaged so beautifully too!



We've had Hello Fresh a few times and honestly, every meal we've had has been SOOO AMAZING and also very fun to cook. James is more of the chef in the family but I made the chicken dish above all by myself and it was super easy.
Oh, and we still cook a bunch of the recipes from past boxes we've received!

If you haven't tried Hello Fresh yet, use the code HELLOSSHEART to save you 40% off your first box!



Spring Bucket List


Happy first day of Spring my friends!!! The weather in our neck of the woods has warmed up quite a bit and I am SOOOO HAPPY. This time last year, I was 12 weeks pregnant and gearing up to go back to work so I didn't have too many things on the bucket list but this time around, I'm NOT PREGNANT and not working, which means I'm SO excited to enjoy the warm weather with my kiddos!

Here's what's on our Spring Bucket List...

  • Visit the petting zoo. We have gone once already but London was sleeping so this time around I want to go with both kids awake...Luca just loved the baby goats and I was so thankful that the goats are soo good with children. If you live in Victoria, it's a must, no matter what your age is!!
  • Build a sandbox in the back yard.  I'm happy to report that this one is already done! Luca just loves it and it makes our backyard time much more enjoyable!
  • Build a garden box and plant veggies.  So this is the next project on the honey-do list! Right now I'm studying to see when we get the best light. If you are a gardener, I'd love your tips!! Our backyard gets a lot of shade but there are some spots that get sun in the morning and different spots that get it in the afternoon. Is morning or evening sun better for gardens?
  • Tackle Spring Cleaning.  See my list in this post!
  • Visit NYC!!!!!  Our flight is booked and we cannot wait to visit my brother and sister in law in May!!!
  • Enjoy an outdoor picnic.  James has a very busy April lined up so I imagine we'd do this in May when it's much warmer and much lighter at night.
  • Run 5KM. This is a personal goal for me, but I want to get to 5km! 

So that's on our Spring Bucket List. Not too much, because I just really want to enjoy the season without putting crazy expectations on it. My maternity leave is absolutely flying by so I want to enjoy as much time just being with my babies as possible.

I'd love to hear what's on your Spring Bucket List! Let me know in the comments!!




You guys...SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!!!! We've had a late-ish winter for us up here as our daffodils are just starting to bloom (they usually start blooming in early February!) 

With Spring just around the corner, I started to make a Spring Bucket List (which I'll share in a couple weeks) and believe it, or not, SPRING CLEANING is on that list.

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