Chunky knit throw.

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And just like that, it's FRIDAY! James is taking today off because he starts a big job tomorrow and will be working pretty much until we leave for San Diego. I strained my back lifting Luca (who weighs over 16lbs now!!!) and it majorly sucks😭😭😭 so I'm trying to rest and lay low in hopes that it will get better before our trip. 

  •  I've been living vicariously through this instagram account for awhile now but in one week I won't need to because WE'LL BE IN DISNEYLAND!!! As you may recall, Disneyland is my favourite place in the whole world and I can't wait to bring my little lion there. We're only doing one day and I know it's gonna be crazy with a baby but still, I'M SOOO PUMPED. 
  • How beautiful is that chunky knit throw above? I want one so badlyyyyy but will have to find a knock off because this one is almost the same price as a mortgage payment, ha.
  • Do you have any recommendations for San Diego? We're staying in an airbnb near Balboa park and would love your recs...I'm so looking forward to going to Hash House A Go Go again and of course...TRADER JOES!
  • Joe Fresh is having a baby sale! We bought Luca this hoodie...yes there is colour in it..HA. I wanted to get him the grey one but he already has 2 grey sweaters. Oh and we also bought this little long sleeve. Baby boy clothes are just so good these days, we were JUST at Joe and already they have new things that I want (like this, this & this, ha). We will be hitting up Zara Baby in the states so I need to calm down for now.
  • It's almost November and I still haven't made these muffins yet! If my back is better on Saturday, I will definitely be baking a batch!

Hope you have a marvellous weekend!


Trust, hope, love.

A few days ago I was reading 1 Corinthians 13 and the words above jumped right off the page. Trust steadily (in God), hope unswervingly, love extravagantly. I was moved, challenged, and inspired and I immediately wrote them down. 

I want to be a woman who trusts steadily in God even (and especially) when things don't go as planned. I want to hope unswervingly even in the most dismal outlook. And love...this may be the most challenging one of all...to love extravagantly...going beyond what is justified or deserved...the way how He loves us.



Monthly Baby Update


Oh my goodness, my sweet baby boy is now FOUR MONTHS!! He officially is not a little baby anymore (insert crying face emoji!!!!). We have a ton of fun together. He may not be teeny anymore but he is interacting so much and brings James & I so much joy...oh how I love my little lion.

He has seriously changed SO MUCH since he was born. A lot of his dark hair has fallen out but it's been replaced with fuzzy blonde hair! He doesn't look as Italian anymore, which makes me sooo sad but he's still cute as heck...and looking a lot more like his daddy these days.

WEIGHT: 15lbs 9oz
Again, he's right on the 50th percentile for weight and height (still around the 85th-97th for head size LOLZ). My doctor at our four month check up called him perfect...I know she probably says that to every mama but oh, it made my heart beam..ha.

HEIGHT: 25.1 inches
I have a feeling he's going to be tall like his daddy. His feet and hands are HUGE!


WEARS: Still fitting 3-6 month clothing but some of it is getting TIGHT! I'm sure I'll be putting him in 6-9 month clothing very soon. We're heading down to San Diego later this month, so I'm hoping to get some cute numbers from ZARA!! I'm also on the hunt for more sweaters & jackets as it's been getting pretty cold around here. How cute is this one and this one?

SLEEPS: He's still sleeping great.....my fingers are crossed as I keep hearing about this dreaded 4 month regression! He did have a cold for two weeks and that usually caused a wake up around 2 or 3 but then back to sleep until 8. But since he's been cold free, he's been sleeping between 10-12 hours straight. We've moved his bedtime to 7-7:30pm and I think that is helping him sleep better. He also uses his hand to self soothe so I'm sure that's what helps him get back to sleep instead of nursing. I'm convinced our next child will be one who is up every two hours ha...

HIGHS: A huge highlight of my day is going into his room in the morning and seeing how happy he is to see me. He gives the biggest smiles and is giggling more and more. I also love to put on music and sing silly songs with him. That always guarantees a ton of smiles!

LOWS: Having his first big cold definitely SUCKED! He absolutely hates the nose frida and don't you even dare put a kleenex anywhere near his nose. So that being said, getting those boogers out of his nose were the WORST. 

PARENTING: Ah, I love being this little guy's mama! Luca is at an age where he can just chill on our laps at restaurants/shops and it's the best. It doesn't take much to entertain him and he isn't moving like crazy so I can still put him down and get stuff done! I feel like he's reached such an easy going age and I cannot wait for unlimited family time in San Diego! 

POSTPARTUM: As I shared last month, I started to make a bit more effort in the whole going back to pre-baby size. Some days have been real good and others have been GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD. ha. I did start doing a workout video program (which I do on days where I'm home in the morning..so mostly 4 days per week) and I just got a membership at a gym..yay! Hopefully this will kick my butt into gear before we go away but honestly, I'm totally okay with my postpartum body. As I continue to make effort, I know the pounds will slowly shed BUT I'm also really trying not to beat myself up when I miss a workout or eat poorly.

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO: One word...DISNEYLAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're doing one day in Disney and it's going to be INSANE but I am SOOO EXCITED. (I've had TWO separate dreams where I wasn't able to go on any rides so my hopes aren't too high ha.) Also, lots and lots of family time in San Diego.

Okay and look at those LASHES. Seriously, cutest little boy in the whole wide world, ha. Love you so much my little lion.