How far along are you?

I'm 38.5 weeks pregnant! INSANE! 9 days until my due date....can't believe we're in the single digits now!! But honestly, we're prepping for him to come a bit later as most first baby's come late!

How big is baby?

Baby is around 19.5 inches and could weigh around 7lbs! I'm having an ultrasound today...hoping they can tell me approx how much he weighs right now...and maybe the head size too? lolz.


Like I'm on the edge of the craziest adventure and all I can do is wait!! I finished work on Tuesday and yesterday I went to the spa, which was amazing. Today I have a doctor's appointment and an ultrasound and tomorrow I have chiro so I'm keeping myself busy with appointments. I have some organizing to do around the house so I'm hoping he doesn't come for a few more days...if he decides to come early haha. 

I just can't wait to hold him in my arms. And see what he looks like. Oh this son of mine, who've I carried for 9 months...I can't wait to feel his feet on the outside! 

I'm not so much looking forward to labour but I know the pain will be worth it and God will give me the strength I need to get through it!!

Food love/hate:

I want all the things I shouldn't eat but when I eat my morning smoothie and vegetables, I always feel better so I'm trying to keep it balanced but man, it's hard!! 


I cancelled my gym membership because I won't be able to work out for awhile after the birth so I'm now walking, walking, walking. My goal is to walk at least 3km every day on mat leave! I'm also incorporating squats and lunges and bouncing on the ball to try to get him into a good position!


My bump has dropped a bit so it's easier to wear some clothes. I'm not at the waddling stage yet, so I'm still able to wear my leggings! 

What I'm looking forward to:

The ultrasound today! Last week my doctor was unsure if he was head I'm hoping and praying that he's head down!!! I went to chiro last week and she was very confident he was head down, just not fully dropped so please pray that he drops into an ideal birthing position! God's given me so much peace about everything. I know God loves my little guy and I know God will guide him out!!





Baby memory book!

18 days until my due date....HOW INSANE IS THAT! I have one week of work left and then a pedicure booked so I'm hoping this little one stays in for one more week lols...apparently most first baby's arrive after due date so here's hoping he'll let me get my pedi ;)

If you follow me on snapchat (username: lauraliira) you'll know that James and I have been nesting like crazy! Bathroom reno is done, baby clothes are washed, nursery is organized, 15 freezer meals are made...BOOM! This weekend I plan on sterilizing bottles and organizing our bedroom to accommodate his little sleeping cot. I also plan on writing a letter for his baby book (insert one billion crying face emojis!!!!!!)

I purchased this baby book a couple months ago and I have to share it with you because it's the sweetest. They also have a girl version which my sister got for her baby girl who is due 5 weeks after my boy! I still have my baby memory book and it is seriously so special.

Funny story...for the longest time I thought I was 8lbs6oz when I was born but when I opened my baby memory book recently, I discovered that, nope, I was 8lbs8oz ha!

I love all the features of this little book. It tracks details but not crazy details and the illustrations are so cute! 

You can track monthly updates until he's a year old then it goes to birthdays until he's five. There are also other pages to document baby's first holidays and other milestones. I'm seriously so pumped to fill these pages with pictures and stories about my sweet boy. Can't believe I get to meet him SO SOON!

Hope you're having a great week! Sorry (but not sorry lols) about all the baby updates. I promise this blog won't just be all about baby stuff but seriously that's my life right now...lols. I'll be back soon! 



Dreamy maternity shoot

Last week I had my maternity photos taken! I meant to get them taken at around 30 weeks when my belly wasn't massive but I'm happy to have these and can't believe that one day I'll look back at them and tell my son that he was in my tummy then...pregnancy is so incredibly beautiful.

I was 35.5 weeks when these were taken and the Lion was sitting real HIGH! At my doctor's appointment that week I was measuring 38 weeks...lols. But the next week I was measuring right on track at 36 weeks. I'm now almost 37 weeks and can't believe "go time" is coming sooo soon.

It all feels so surreal right now. James and I are trying to soak in as much "us" time as we can get...movies, dates, hanging out with friends, etc. Our bathroom reno is pretty much done and the nursery is almost finished! I'm planning on working until 38.5 weeks so I'm really hoping baby doesn't come until after then, ha.

I will so treasure these photos. They mark the edge. The edge of the scariest yet most beautiful journey we're going to take...what an adventure it will be.


All photos by Tamiko Sianen
Flower Crown by Tiffany Sityayev