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If you're a newlywed gal, you've most likely been faced with the choice to sell your wedding dress or keep it. Perhaps you have a major big closet to store it in. Perhaps you like to try it on from time to time (no judgement…). Perhaps you think your daughter will wear it one day. If you can relate to those three things, then you should keep your dress. But me…well I don't have a large storage closet (my dress takes up a third of it), I haven't tried it on since I wore it that beautiful day and I wouldn't bet on my future daughters wearing my dress (poufy princess dresses aren't everyone's cup of tea)

I know I'm biased but I ADORED my dress. There are not many times where you can get away with dressing like a freaking disney princess. The moment I put it on, I knew it was mine. It was magical and it wasn't out of my price range (here's a tip all you dress hunting brides to be…don't try dresses on that are out of your price range)! It was super comfortable and even though it was quite large, I was able to go in a rowboat, climb a tree fort and jump rope (oh those crazy things those wedding photographers make you do…jk we had the best photographers and you should hire you ameris!)

The time has come for someone else to experience the magic (and for my storage to grow..ha). I had the best day of my life in this dress, now it's time for someone else to. So if you're looking or know someone who is looking, you can find it on usedvic here! (And no judgement if you pull a Liz Lemon and buy it with no man in sight…it is an exceptional deal...)


all photos by AMERIS

Ah, I'll never get sick of reliving that day. 


stay gold,