So remember when I told you I was hosting 12 people on Thanksgiving Monday? Well, we bumped the number up to 15 because THE MORE THE MERRIER!!! Part of me is freaking out, but the other part (and the one I'll encourage) is getting verrrrry excited!

Monday we chatted decor and today let's chat about FOOD. As most people, I looooove thanksgiving dinner. I love stuffing my face with amazing food alongside the ones I love. To make things realistic, everyone is bringing a big dish to share. 

Thanksgiving Recipes


My sweet mum will be bringing the turkey. I'm just not ready for that kinda responsibility yet.

I'm (along with James' help) planning on making pan roasted veggies (mmmm brussels sprouts!!), a yummy salad (someone has to bring the greens), some sort of cranberry punch and a meat & cheese spread for people to munch on as they arrive (thanks for the advice Amy!)

Here are some delicious looking recipes I found while cruising the net...

Thanksgiving Eats!

Sadly, I neglected brussels sprouts most of my life. Heartbreaking, I know! This recipe from the Pioneer Women looks pretty delish.

I've never made a cheese ball before but if I decide to go down that road, I'd make one like this one from how sweet eats.

A yam casserole is a MUST at thanksgiving. Thankfully my sister in law makes a killer one. This brown buttered topping one from Pinch of Yum looks pretty fabulous.

And let's not forget the best part of thanksgiving...DESSERT! I've made these pumpkin pie bars from Joy the Baker and they are incredible. I highly recommend them if you don't want to go crazy hardcore. 

And if you want to go hardcore may I suggest this caramel apple pie from Sally's Baking Addiction? FYI- I've never made a pie from scratch but I'm determined to do it this fall/winter!

Hungry yet? Mmmmmmhmmmm, me too.

And hey, I'd love to know your favourite Thanksgiving recipes..maybe I'll steal them for Monday? :)

Hope you have a lovely day!