Well it's time to celebrate because WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!! As I mentioned before, our offer on this home was accepted and last Friday all the subjects were removed.

Our home story...

We've been looking at houses online since the summer. After conference, we started looking more seriously, setting up showings with our realtor. We saw this house early November and we loved it. It's in a great neighbourhood, only a couple blocks from my dad's house. It has three bedrooms up top and a 1 bedroom suite below (who wants to be our tenant?!?!) It has a big backyard that's fully fenced.  We loved it and were seriously thinking about it.

But then someone else put an offer on it. I admit, I was pretty crushed. When we walked into that house, I could see us living there. But we couldn't do anything, so we had to let that house go.

But a couple days before their closing date, I got a feeling that the deal wasn't going to go through. I even chatted to our realtor and he contacted the seller's realtor and everything was going fine...but then at 4pm on the day of their closing, we got a phone call from our realtor...the deal hadn't gone through! We moved in on it and lo and behold WE HAVE A HOME!


I want to thank you all for all your prayer, support and encouragement!! We get possession on December 15th and cannot wait to move in!!

Happy Monday!