Winter + fitness usually don't end up in the same sentence for me. I haaaaate being cold. Absolutely, stinking hate it. I grew up being forced to play soccer (as probably all Italian-Canadian children do) from the age of 5 until 13. I switched to baseball as soon as I could. Running around at night and playing games in ice rain didn't really appeal to 13 year old me. 

I picked up running about 7 years ago. There have been times I've been hard core at it and also times where I've been extremely lazy about it. Spring and fall are when I'm usually on my game. In the summer, I'm usually too hot to really push running (did I mention I don't like being too hot either? Diva, I know) and winter, well in winter I like to hibernate and eat. 

This past year has been a bit different though. After coming back from India in late August, I realized I needed to make a change. I had had an emotional year (hello first year being married!) where I partook in much emotional eating and not enough exercising resulting in me gaining weight. I decided right then, that I was going to make some changes. I started running again and watching what I was eating and in a couple months I had lost 10lbs. Winter came and I pushed through. I'm so thankful we live in a city where it doesn't snow (except for the picture above, where I realized that running in -10 is the absolute worst idea ever). I admit, when it's pissing rain outside the last thing I want to do is run but to counteract my laziness, James and I got Y gym passes. 

It's been a dream of mine to run a half marathon and I'm going to do it in May at the Oak Bay Half! With this goal in mind, I know I can't afford to not run this winter. I have no excuses. So I'm vowing to keep up fitness through these winter months! Who is with me? 


stay gold (not cold),