Ok, I have a little secret for you. It's actually not really a secret (and no I'm not pregnant!)...more of a confession...

I am hopeless at DIYs. 

Ok, I shouldn't be sooo dramatic but the truth is, I'm not a massive crafter. When it comes to creating things, my process is messy not pretty. It actually states that in my strengthsfinder write up, ha!

So when it comes to DIY (and anything style) I call up the Asian Martha Stewart aka my bestie aka RACHEL! Rachel is a craft guru and styling guru and home decor guru ok LIFE GURU.

So I asked Rachel what we should make and she suggest stamped wrapping paper...yaaay!

It's not that difficult to make, you just need a few supplies and some time on your hands.

Supplies Needed- Paint (note to self...don't buy paint at the dollar's junk!!!!), paint brush, eraser or erasers, exacto knife, pen, & kraft paper.


  • Draw your stamp on to the eraser. We (Rachel) cut the massive eraser into three pieces to make three stamps.
  • Cut out the eraser from around your drawing so your drawing protrudes.
  • Paint the stamp.
  • Stamp the stamp on to kraft paper. Press firmly!
  • Let it dry and then use it to wrap up prezzies for special people in your life!

Fun? Fun. And how cute is that confetti around the presents? I got it from this rad girl at Alt Summit named Gilit who runs this store called The Bannerie. Check her out!

Hope you had an awesome Canada day and Happy long weekend to all you USA friends out there! We're heading down to Cali for two weeks on Saturday....soooo stoked!!!

Stay gold,