If you saw me at church last night, there's a high chance I gave you my business card. As I told you last week, business cards are a thing at Alt (the upcoming blogger's conference that I'm going to a week Tuesday!!!) You meet and network with a lot of people, so giving a business card will help keep the connection alive.

I spent a little while designing my cards a few weeks ago. To be honest, when the cards arrived I was a bit disappointed. They were missing that little sparkle. But upon browsing pinterest, I discovered what I needed to kick them up a notch: a hot pink painted edge. YES.

So I DIY-ed them while James and I watched X-Men and I am SO HAPPY with the result. So ladies (and the gentlemen who read this), I present to you my business cards...!

Who could have known that a simple pink highlighter would give the exact look I wanted!

I'm over the moon with them! It's a good thing, because I got a little eager and ordered 500 LOLZ. That being said, if I see you in the next little while, be prepared to be given a business card or two :)


Happy Monday everybody!