So I'm trying to soak in every last bit of summer. Usually by this point, I'm longing for fall but this year, I'm clinging on to summer. And I have a firm grip. 

I know I was just in Whistler but what do you do when the holiday fairy calls your name and whisks you away to a happy place? You let it happen, that's what you do!

Especially when said fairy takes you to a beach front condo with your bffs.

My goodness we had sooooo much fun. It was definitely a weekend of excess. 

So much food.

So many episodes of Veronica Mars.

So much reading.

So many laughs. 

Here's what we got up to...

Now doesn't that look fun?

Hope you're soaking up the last bit of summer! James and I are headed for one more quick getaway (I know!!!) for our 2 year wedding anniversary this weekend.

The place we're going has no wifi and no cell phone service...insane hey??!!! I am soo excited.

Happy Tuesday.