For our two year anniversary, James and I headed west to Point no Point. Even though Point no Point is located just over an hour away from Victoria, you really feel like you're another world away. The resort is made up of private cabins and duplexes. Each building is right on the ocean and each unit has a private hot tub on the deck.

We spent A LOT of time sitting in that hot tub listening to the waves crash on the shore below...ahhhh. We also spent a lot of time eating. Our cabin came with a full kitchen so we brought a good supply of food up. We also spent a lot of time NOT ON OUR PHONES! Point no Point has no wifi or cell phone service...it's kinda surreal. It felt so good to detach and connect with James with no distractions.

We also spent some time filming for James' next song. Check out the sneak peek if you haven't already!

Ahhhh, take me back to Point no Point pleeeeaase!


Hope you have fantastic weekend! Mine will be spent running, studying and hanging with friends. I heard it's supposed to be pretty hot, so I'll definitely try to soak up some sun!!!