Well hello there! It's about time I showed you some pictures of our home!! Today we're going to start in the living room. The living room is a very important room for me. When we were looking for a home I knew that we needed one with a good sized living room because I love to have people over!!! This is the first room that we will focus on decorating.

So let's dream shall we. I'm all about the bookshelves hugging the fireplace in the above photo. I'm not all about the bright colours. 

Now let's look at what we have to work with.

I took that photo the first time we viewed the house in November. At first glance I could tell this house had a lot of potential. The living room is connected to the dining area and in those spaces are two very large windows aka lots of light aka my bff. I also liked the fireplace and oak floors are always a win. 

Here are some more photos from the mls listing.

It's so crazy looking at these pictures because SO MUCH HAS CHANGED. We got the house December 15th and the very next day, James started working on it. You can't really see from the photos but all the walls are a crazy texture. We (and by we I mean James, my dad, his dad and all the other amazing people who helped) got rid of the texture first (in the living room, dining room, hallway and entrance). NOW THAT WAS A JOB and deserves its own post so watch for that one soon...I'm pretty sure James could start his own reno business after all the crazy work he has done!

I took the above photo a couple days into the reno...what a difference smoothing out walls make!! I don't even think it was even painted at that point!!!

Now let's get on to the dreaming!!!

So what I envision for our living room is a cozy, calm, and inviting environment.... 

1 // 2 // 3

Now the planning...! My amazing friend Amy is coming over Saturday to help plan and measure. She has an incredible eye so I'm excited to hear her ideas. James and I are not ballers so we'll be slowly working on these rooms but we're hoping to go to Ikea at the end of the month to find a few pieces.

James has also painted and redone the floors (SUPERMAN, I KNOW! I'll show you soon.)

Here are the next things to do for the living room:

  • Find a rug. A BIG RUG.
  • Get curtains...people we know keep saying, "I drove by your house and saw you in the kitchen." ha. Our house is at a fairly popular shortcut for many people I know and we have massive windows that give you a good look in...it could get awkward so curtains are a priority!
  • Bookshelves to go beside the fireplace? I really like the bookshelves in the first photo, but now it's just to find the right ones.
  • Mantle. We (and by we, again, I mean JAMES) ripped off the old mantle. We're going to replace it with a cedar beam or something along those lines.
  • New chair eventually...not a massive priority but definitely on the list.
  • Plants!! I really want to be like every other blogger alive and own a fiddle leaf fig tree....fingers crossed I won't kill it like I've done to almost every other plant (except for the avocado plant that my dear friend Becca gave us!)


So there you go! Those are my plans! But I'd love your feedback as well. Got any home design blogs that you love? Send them my way!

oh and HAPPY FRIDAY! Hope you have the best weekend :)