Hello again! Yesterday I shared my reflections on my one word for 2014 and today I have my amazing friend Sarah (and it also happens to be her BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!!) sharing her reflections on her two words for 2014. You can read Sarah's post from last year here. 

Take it away Sarah...

FAITH & COURAGE [the recap]

2014 was the first year I have embraced the one-word concept, and I found having the frame of reference for the past 12 months so beautifully life-giving.   I travelled throughout Europe for three months, and found some hard moments where massive faith was needed.  There were times (I admit to crying alone inside an Irish Mcdonalds one Saturday night!) courage was needed to dust myself off and keep going.   While travelling was breath-takingly beautiful at times, it was also one of the hardest things I have done in the last few years.   From cycling 300 kms to facing my quiet thoughts, I needed to embrace the good and the bad and make intentional choices to keep moving forward.   

Coming back to Canada I had to step out in both faith and courage to re-establish myself.   New house, new car, new office... and then take a risk and head off to Bethel for school of worship with some of my band.   To be vulnerable and honest and have courage to try again in relationships.   Looking back, those two words (I am going to claim that since it was my first year of the one-word challenge, I decided on TWO words that go together perfect!) I can see how many times I was required to use them.    I've been pondering my 2015 word for the last few weeks and looking forward to what framework it will bring as I continue to step out in faith & courage.



Thanks so much for sharing your recap Sarah! Loved seeing God move so incredibly in your life. He showed up big time :) Can't wait to hear your word (or words!) for this year!


Happy Monday everyone!