So here's a funny story. I have some friends and we all love books (my friends got brains!) A couple years ago we tried to start a book club…I think there were about 6 of us. Well at first we were all like YES, LET'S DO THIS, BOOYAH!! But when we tried to find a time to discuss the book, there was never a right time. It took us months to find a time where we could all meet and by that time, most of us were long finished with the book! So we gave up on the book club idea…but not on books. We all continued to read avidly, borrow books from each and even have short discussions about the books. Basically we were a book club without being a book club but still couldn't get our stuff together to actually be one! So I had an idea…why don't we start a book club on SSHEART!! We all read the book, put the invite out to others and then we can discuss the book in our pyjamas from the comfort of our living room.

And then I had another idea…why don't I get my incredible bestie/assistant/encourager/most read person I know- COURTNEY to lead the book club posts….and that way if no one joins the book club, it will still have two people…ha! She thankfully agreed. Take it away Courtney!


Hey guys! Courtney here. Do you know what I love almost more than coffee? BOOKS!  I am completely and utterly in love with books!  I have so many I cannot even count. I love the smell of the pages. I won't even buy a purse unless I know it'll hold a book!  There's just something so magical about diving into the unknown world on the pages. 

I'm super excited that the lovely Laura has decided to launch a Bookclub!  Now, before you go getting all "I'm so busy, I can't join a book club!" Just take a deep breath because this book club is for you!  No more rearranging schedules to get together at a certain time. Now you can read at your own pace and comment/respond while you're commuting or waiting in line at the grocery store. 

I'm super excited to be on this journey with you! I am excited to share with you some of our favourite books as well as hear your suggestions and everything you have to say about them! 


So here's the deal. 

  1.  A new title will be posted and that book will be the one we read for a months time 
  2. We will have a half way point update with questions and comments as well as one at the end. 
  3. Some people read at different paces and if we are half way, please don't share spoilers from the end! 
  4. Please be mindful!  We are all created differently (and uniquely!) and therefore will have different opinions on things which is so good! I love a good healthy debate.  But please remember to be respectful and courteous when posting. 
  5. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! 




Yahoooo! So who's in!!?!?!?

We'll post the book in the next couple weeks and then we'll give it a read in February! But in the meantime please let us know what types of books you want to read and discuss!!