Hi hi hiiiiiiii. Oh m gee, I am soo sorry I haven't posted in forever! I'm still alive! Just have been unbelievably busy! Last weekend we were in Vancouver at James' cousin's wedding. It was at the most beautiful old mansion just off Granville and 16th. From the picture above you could see the water!! 

19 days until we go away (!!!!!!!) and TWO WEEKS TILL CONFERENCE! I kinda feel like my brain is going to explode but ITS ALL GOOD because God gives us all that we need every year and He won't let us down this year. 

It all of a sudden got sooo cold here and I just want to live in a sweater like this one.

I watched this video and bawled last night. So beautiful to see organizations on the ground, helping refugees in an unfathomable time.

On Saturday we're taking our students to a pumpkin patch! And I'm really hoping to make these Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls.

Next week I will be back to regular programming (3 posts per week!). Thank you for being such amazing readers. 

Love you to the moon & back!


Oh and I got a new phone so follow along....