This year I've been making a few changes.

Back in January at our women's ministry (Dream Women), I shared how I'm all about one words for the year (speaking of, I'm going to share mine this week!!!!) instead of new years resolutions. But I have a small confession to make....I do still make a couple resolutions/goals. But before you yell FRAAAAAAUUUUDDDDDDDD at the top of your lungs, let me explain myself... 

I'm NOT ABOUT setting crazy unrealistic resolutions that leave you feeling like you're the wooooooooorrrrrssssst person in the world if you don't meet said resolutions. I am ABOUT setting a few realistic goals at the beginning of the year that will enhance your well being.

Before you set your goals, you need to set your attitude first.

Examine your heart and ask yourself some questions. 

  • Why are you setting this goal?
  • What will this do to my life?
  • If I don't meet this goal, how will I feel?

Like I've said before, SHAME IS THE WORST MOTIVATOR. If not meeting the goal means spending a week under the covers because you can't face the world because you didn't meet that goal than you should probably rethink the goal.

One of my goals last year was to run three times a week. Surprisingly, I kept to it a lot. But on those weeks where I didn't get my three runs in, I made sure to not shame myself. Instead, I encouraged myself and reminded myself that I would run 3x the next week.

So I've made a couple resolutions/goals for this year..

1. Wash my makeup off every night.

Washing your makeup off at night and going for a run have something in common- YOU'LL NEVER REGRET DOING THEM! In 2014 I got lazy and went to bed more than I would like to admit with full makeup on....ew. This year I've been killing this goal (aside from one day where I put makeup on at 4pm and did a killer cat eye and wanted to save some time the next morning so I didn't wash my makeup but I put it on at 4pm so that was like wearing it all day...riiiiggghhht?)

2. Show up on time.

This past year I got convicted on always being late for things. I've been really trying this year to show up on time. It means a lot more organization on my part but it's good for me. 

3. Spend time with Jesus before instagram (and other social media)

Now I gotta be honest with you, this one is the hardest goal for me!!! I heard a preacher (Steven Furtick) say (something along these lines), "no wonder our days are filled with such anxiety and stress when we wake up and look at our phones instead of talking to Jesus." 

#BOOM It makes so much sense but man, when I wake up I naturally start checking notifications. I'll start scrolling through instagram and then facebook and if I'm "really tired" twitter and then OH MY GOOOOOOOOSH I've wasted 40 minutes and now I'm rushing to get ready for work and accomplish goal #3. So this year I'm really trying to get up when my alarm goes off (ok, one snooze is allowed), make a cup of coffee, curl up on the couch and spend some time with Jesus. It's been hard but He's been full of grace and tomorrow is a new day.


So what about you? Did you make new year resolutions/goals or do you have a one word for 2015 or do you do both like me???