Hiiiiii. I'm back from L.A. I got back late Saturday night (well technically early Sunday morning) and had a wild day at church yesterday (Sunday's are a very long day for me). I had a good sleep in though and I'm excited to share some photos from my trip with you!!


We flew in Wednesday night and stayed at a hotel near the airport. Since the conference didn't start until Friday night, we had some time to kill so we decided to be true tourists and do a hop-on-hop-off tour. It actually worked out real well because it served as our shuttle from the airport hotel to Hollywood AND we got to see a ton of LA! It started at LAX and took us by Marina Del Rey, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and finally to Hollywood.

The weather started out a little bit chilly with a side of extra smog....(ewh). But once the smog burned off it was VERY hot and beautiful :)

We stayed at The Hotel Roosevelt which is iconic and was the hot spot in early Hollywood days. I'm a big fan of the hotel. Nicely done rooms and gold and black in their logo. My kinda place...also their pool area...oh m geeee.

Obviously In & Out was a must. And can I say how much my heart was hurting to be so close to Mickey but not enough time to do Disney? #tragedy Hey James...take me back!!!!???

Godchicks (the name of the conference we attended) was at the Dolby Theatre which is where the academy awards take place!!!! And get this, it was the FIRST Christian event to take place there. Praising Jesus in that place was INCREDIBLE! The speakers were Joyce Meyer, Christine Caine, Dawn & Rich Wilkerson Jr. & Holly Wagner. Every speaker brought an incredible word...God was speaking very clearly. I'll be sharing more on that at a later time, but for now enjoy these last few pics!

Oasis Church's team did such an incredible job! I'm sometimes a snob when it comes to going into a new place to worship because our team is just soooo amazing but Oasis was phenom AND all the dancers and videos were sooo on point. I guess that's what you get when you have professional actors and dancers attending your church!

It was also a great time spent with my pastor, mentor and friend, Lisa. She is a treasure and we had a blast together!!

And how good was that PINK SKY and MOUNTAIN as we flew into Seattle????!!!!

Hope you're having a great Monday.