Well it's summer music festival time and I've been band wife life-ing it up. Two weeks ago I got to see James play at Tall Tree Music Festival!

The Festival ran from Friday to Sunday. Towers & Trees played Friday afternoon. It was a really sweet set-up in some ways. The whole festival was on top of a mountain in Port Renfrew. The stage's backdrop was just STUNNING. Trees, ocean, mountains #swoon. But the practicality of holding a festival ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN..... Camping was all over the place and we ended up camping on a dirt road with golf carts speeding by making humungous dust clouds. 

The festival was also a bit cray cray for my liking 😳 so we only ended up staying one night and went to bed at 10pm...#proudgrandma...BUT we got to see Yukon Blonde on Friday night and that was amazing!! And it was also fun hanging with the Towers & Trees Famjam. 

How stunning was that backdrop!!!!

Hope you had a great weekend! So yesterday James & I became parents....HOMESTAY PARENTS! We now have a wonderful 20 year old student from Mexico here on a one month ESL fun!

Happy Monday everyone :)