I may have mentioned it before but have I told you how EXCITED I am that NORDSTROM IS COMING TO CANADA!! It's opening on September 18th in Vancouver and OHMAHGOSH I can't wait. Even though Vancouver is a teensy bit aways from me (you have to take a 1.5 hour ferry and then drive 45 minutes) I think I'll be over a bit more because my BFF Rachel and her hubby are moving and also my brother and sister-in-law are moving in one week!

So currently Nordstrom is hosting a HUGE anniversary sale. I've curated a few picks. And for all you fellow Canadians...they show you the CAD price AND they ship to Canada...yahooo! 
Here's what's on my wish list....

Nordstrom SALE!

1. Jeans (I got my first pair a few months back and I am now OBSESSED! They make the bootay look FAB)
2. Sweater (Seriously how cute are the little french fries!!!!)
3. Ipad Case (My Ipad case is defs dying and I have my eyes set on this one!)
4. Watch (Because we all could use another watch riiiiggghhht?)
5. Fringe Sandal (TASSSELS!)
6. Clarisonic (Ummmm how gorgeous is this Clarisonic!!)

 Have you checked out the sale yet? If so, what's on your wishlist??? I'd love to know!

Happy Monday :)