weekend warrior

And again we've made it to FRIDAY! yaaaaaay. Our weather round here has been up and down. Monday I had a great day at the lake and then Wednesday it was freeeezzzing. Today it's warm but tomorrow they're predicting rain :( But that's okay because I plan to get a lot done around the house this weekend (read- trying not to stay glued on the couch watching netflix...)

Aritzia has their fall collection on their site and it is heavenly.

Even though fall is JUST AROUND THE CORNER...I'm trying to stay in summer mode. I really want a pair of these cut-offs!!! or these ones!! or these ones

We're trying to book camping for a couple days in two weeks time and everything is booked!! Please give me your island camping suggestions!!

My sister is a VIB ROUGE at Sephora so I got to tag along for an amazing event on Wednesday night. Make-up heaven. I ended up purchasing this brow liner (in medium brown) and this brow tool. I'm currently obsessed with having great brows after watching Paper Towns. First of all OH M GEEEEE it was soo good (I have a post lined up all about a theme in it!)...and secondly, the main girl's eyebrows....serious brow envy.

And ICYMI I'm seriously eating these muffins errrrrday! And I'm still loving this devotional..so so so much.

Well hope you have an amazing weekend!