coffee in bed :)

So happy to have arrived at Friday. This week has been something....

First of all, I thought my mail was being stolen...then my faith was restored in humanity (this instagram post explains all) 

Then, I drop my already broken phone off my lap and it lands on carpet and BOOM the screen goes black..I can still use siri but that's about it. I need a new phone ASAP but my plan is so good that I need to buy a phone outright and OHMYGOSH iphone 6's are like $1000.

And then yesterday morning I decided to be hcore and run 4km to my 8am training session at my gym. Because I was headed to work after, I needed to run with a backpack on so I could get ready after my workout. First of all, running with a backpack full of stuff SUCKS and second of all make sure you backpack isn't junky because this may happen.... I'm crossing the Bay street bridge and am so happy that I'm almost at the gym when all of a sudden a guy in a white truck honks viciously at me...at first I was like REALLY? and then I turned around and saw my pink bra hanging from my backpack which had magically come open and no not just that, but my flannel, t-shirt, socks and NEON undies were littered 10 feet behind me. Oh and did I mention it's rush hour? ON THE BAY STREET BRIDGE???? Good thing my face was already red from running because MY GOODNESS morning commuters just saw all my undergarments.  But thanks to the guy who honked because I would've kept going and that would have been awkward losing all my clothes...

But I'm seeing blessings in disguise. No phone = I can get a lot of stuff done! And undergarments on the sidewalk = laugh for others and now me and future sermon illustration! Good thing God has a sense of humour.

So this weekend I just want to curl up in an overpriced HBC blanket and hide from the world...JK JK. I plan on hanging with my students, baking lots of fall things and hitting up the gym! And potentially working on a new logo for S.S.Heart.

 Hope you have a fabulous weekend! This is the time I'd say follow me on snapchat, instagram blah blah blah but obvs I'm MIA there because I have no phone and only will post the sporadic insta when I steal James' phone ;)