IT'S A......

Sweet Baby Boy

James and I are thrilled to announce that we are having a baby boy!!!
We can't wait to meet our little wild thing ♥︎.


Oh sweet baby boy, you have such a destiny before you.


We got lucky at the ultrasound by having a student doing it. First of all, it was extra long because she was a student and he was moving around like crazy!!! And secondly, she accidentally said "he" three times...lols...and James and I both saw his little man parts!!! I wanted to be 100% before announcing, so I called my doctor's office and the receptionist said they had the results but my doctor hadn't seen them yet, so she couldn't tell me. She did say, she thought I was right..ha! Twenty minutes later my doctor's assistant called and told me the receptionist cornered her to look it over and not keep me waiting, ha! So yes, she confirmed that WE ARE HAVING A BOY!!!!!

To be honest, I think I knew since the very beginning. I still can't wait to tell you our conception story but part of it (ok the main part), was God told me I was pregnant five days before I tested. And in those five days, I couldn't stop calling my baby, "little guy". 

I'm so excited to be having a little man although part of me is extremely scared because I am girly to a t BUT I know God is opening up such a special part of my heart to be a mama to a sweet, baby boy. He has so much to teach me and I'm so thrilled. 

Now off to plan a boy's nursery and start registering for all the grey and blue (no green !!!!!!!!!!