How far along are you?

I'm in my 24th week! Can't believe baby boy is supposed to come in 15 weeks! This trimester is flying by! In 3.5 weeks I'll be entering my THIRD trimester!

How big is baby?

Baby is about a foot in length and weighs just over a pound! I have a couple pregnancy apps and they compare him to a cob of corn, an eggplant and a zucchini!


The best yet. I am loving all this new found energy. I can stay up past 10pm and I don't die the next day if I wake up at 6am. Although, I am finding it hard to be productive at night if I worked all day. Illuminate is on Friday so I know this is going to be a CRAZY week but I know God will give me all the strength I need and all the help I need too :)

It's also been amazing to know the sex of the baby. I am a type A planner and I seriously would be having panic attacks if I didn't know the sex lols. We're going to be doing the nursery up in April so I'm having a ton of fun pinning all my inspiration on my NURSERY BOARD!

This month has been the one with the least worries which is kinda funny because after my ultrasound my doctor told me that I had a low lying placenta. She didn't put me on any restrictions and told me not to worry because in 90% of cases, it moves up as the baby moves up. It can get sketchy in cases where the placenta stays lows and then covers the cervix because that means baby can't get out naturally and you're most likely put on bed rest and will receive a c-section. God has given me so much peace about it and I'm really not worried. I know without a doubt that He is taking care of my baby. (And that's not saying I haven't had fears this pregnancy..I'm actually working on a post of all the crazy fears I've had lols)

I feel The Lion (our nickname for baby boy) move around all the time and it is the best feeling!! He's usually down low but sometimes I get big kicks around my belly button. It brings me so much joy that I get to feel my sweet baby. James has been feeling kicks as well! And funny story, one night James put his ear on my belly, trying to hear the Lion's heartbeat but apparently the Lion didn't like that because James received a huge kick to his sweet. 

Food love:

My appetite is definitely increasing!!! I can eat A LOT, which was not how I rolled pre-pregnancy. I'm trying to eat healthy things but man a pregnant girl sure needs her sweets.

Food hate:

Don't really hate anything but a homemade spinach salad isn't very appealing right now.


I'm so thankful for the energy I'm experiencing because it's really motivating me to keep going to the gym! I've been going about 2-3 per week and I'm still walking to work. I'm finding things are taking me a lot longer than before but I'm so thankful I can still do them.


I'm all about showing off the bump! For once in my life, I'm proud of having a belly lols so I'm wearing a lot of tight t-shirts and tanks over my maternity jeans. I tried wearing regular leggings the other day and they were sooo uncomfortable so I'm probably going to purchase a pair of maternity leggings. I feel right now my bump is HUGE and I'm still trying to imagine how it's going to get even bigger....the human body is an amazing thing!!

What I'm looking forward to:

Our doctor's appointment today! Also we have an ultrasound in March to see if my placenta has moved up (please pray it moves up!!) so I'm looking forward to another opportunity to see my sweet baby boy on that ultrasound screen.

6 month bump update!

Hope you have a great week!