Nursery Inspiration

We've entered full out nesting mode. James wants to get as many projects done around the house before The Lion comes and I couldn't agree more. I'm not much help because I can't move very much but I can pin...oh, I can pin. We were originally going to put the nursery in our guest bedroom but after some discussion and practical planning, we decided to keep the spare bedroom for students in the fall and instead combine the office into a nursery/studio.

It saddens my heart a bit to squeeze baby in a small space but thankfully one of my BFFs (Courtney, I LOVE YOU) used to work at Pottery Barn Kids where she would help plan stunning nurseries in tiny Vancouver apartments! So Courtney came over the other night and helped me plan it out and I'm beyond excited to get started!

Here's what's inspiring me....

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I'm attracted to sweet and simple. Cool tones with a touch of natural wood. Here is what the current office/nursery looked like when we moved in... 

YIIKEEES. Everything looks so different now. The picture makes it look a lot smaller than it is and our refinished floors and white paint definitely made it a lot brighter. We also installed new blinds. 

For the longest time we had James' music desk underneath the window and my desk on the left side with a shelf above it. This month we moved my desk out to the living room/dining room and now have to move James' desk over to the right side. We're planning on putting the glider/rocking chair in the corner under the shelves on the left side with the crib against the wall. We'll put the dresser/change table on the wall across from it. Speaking of dresser/change table...James found this one on used vic that was green and dark wood. We planned on painting it in the near future but James surprised me with this...

How stunning is that dresser! Just wait till you see it in natural lighting all set up with a cute changing station and the cutest baby boy on top....eeeeeee! I'll be back soon with some more plans!