Sweet girl, London, is now three months (well almost four months, ha.)


WEIGHT: 13lbs 15oz
I weighed her just after we got back from Mexico and she was almost 14lbs! Baby girl is chunking many delicious baby rolls!

HEIGHT: I haven't measured her height in awhile but I'll know in a few weeks when I take her to her 4 month appt!


WEARS: I still have her in some 0-3 month clothes but she's starting to fit into 3-6 and it's breaking my heart! Why do they have to grow so flipping fast! 

SLEEPS: She's been doing anywhere between 8-10 hours straight pretty consistently. I usually put her down between 7-8pm and she wakes up between 4-6am and then goes back down for a couple more hours. If you follow me on instagram, you'll know that I'm starting to transition her out of her swaddle with one arm out. It's going pretty well. Her naps have been mostly 1-2 hours but I know I'll have to start full on sleep training her soon as I'm still nursing her to sleep about 50% of the time. Not looking forward to that but I'm slowly getting there and knowing that 12 hour straight sleeps will happen soon after that definitely helps!
She's still on three naps a day and will probably be until about 5/6 months.


HIGHS: Dressing her in the cutest little sundresses in Mexico was soooo much fun! Summer baby girl clothes are 100% cuter than summer baby boy clothes, ha. She won so many hearts. Her giggle and sweet smiles are also one of the highlights of my day.

We recently started family reading time before bedtime and it has been so special. Luca is slowly getting used to having a sister. Sometimes he cuddles her and sometimes he tries to hit her. He calls her Lala and James and I have adopted that nickname too!

LOWS: Things have been really great with her this month aside from her refusing to take a bottle!!! Pleeeeease send me your tips on giving her a bottle. We have the comotomo and Luca took that one like a champ but London just refuses. We've tried fresh breastmilk, frozen breastmilk, and formula but no dice! We've tried the comotomo bottle and the avent one but she won't take either...please please please send your tips! We're trying everyday but it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

The other low was we all got sick AGAIN right before Mexico. London had it pretty bad and then Luca got it and now he's sick for a third time. We're washing hands and using essential oils but man, it seems like we can't catch a break! Cannot wait for spring!

PARENTING: London is the easy peasy one right now, ha. She doesn't move or throw tantrums. Her brother on the other hand is "learning to communicate". Oh, toddlers.

But on a positive note, I started the study Intentional Parenting by Bill Johnson and it is so so so good. I highly reccomend it if you are a Christian parent!


POSTPARTUM: Well, I finally have started to get my butt in gear. I did three workouts last week, yay! It's a slow start but I'm finally feeling motivated again! 

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Her sweet personality coming out! She's seriously super sweet and I know that in the next few months it just gets better and better!