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Baby Announcement

James, Luca and myself are thrilled to announce that baby Liira #2 will be making his/her debut this fall! 

Baby Announcement with ept

We are beyond excited to welcome another baby and give Luca a sibling. If this baby arrives on its due date (like Luca did!) then they will be a little less than 16 months apart! It's wild and crazy  and they will be a little bit closer than I had originally planned but hey, it's all going to work out just fine :) (at least that's what I keep telling myself....ps. so thankful we have a lot of family and amazing friends in town!)

It was so crazy testing this time around. As you may remember with Luca, it took about 6 months to conceive him and I tested negative after negative. This time around my cycle was a bit out of whack and I was on day 45 so I decided to test. So early morning I tested and was clearly a bit tired because I thought it was negative and put in the trash can. I go and tell James we're not pregnant then think, "Oh my gosh, I'm supposed to wait a few minutes, I should really go check again." So I pull it out of the trash and there you go, a faint positive line!!!!!  

I actually found out SUPER early.... 3 weeks 2 days to be exact! So thankful for pregnancy tests like e.p.t. that detect pregnancy 5 days sooner and are 99% accurate!

FYI- if you live in the states you can pick up e.p.t. from Walmart, Wallgreens or RiteAid. I just ordered mine from Amazon, which is the best because who knows who you could run into while buying a pregnancy test lols!

I cannot wait to see Luca become a big brother. I know not to have crazy expectations as he's still a baby himself BUT he's just such a loving little guy. I know in his time, he is going to be such a loving and caring big brother and I can't wait to watch it unfold! I'm kinda hoping for another boy so him and Luca can be besties (and because we have all the boy stuff already lols). Obviously, I would be completely thrilled with whatever the sex is! Oh and incase you're wondering, we are definitely finding out and this time I'm hoping to do a fun gender reveal.


I'll be heading back to work a month early, which I'm actually pretty excited about. My bosses have been so encouraging and supportive. So thankful to work in a place that is in support of families!

Baby is due early October. It's going to be so different to have a fall baby (Luca was born in mid-June!) but I'm already imagining newborn snuggles while I sip a pumpkin spice latte lols. It's also going to be pretty interesting being super preggo in the summer. I'll probably try to squeeze in lots of lake swims to cool my huge preggo self down, ha.

Pregnancy announcement

Can't wait to meet this baby bunny! It's already going by so quickly. I'll be back soon with a more detailed bump update. (Yes, I'm planning on doing these this pregnancy!)

And mama's with two under two, give me alllll your tips please and thank you!


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