large family photoshoot

For mother's day/mum's 60th bday this year, my siblings and I got together and purchased our mama a family photoshoot. Our mum raised four children and she must have done something right because we all turned out ok...lols, JK LOVE YOU MUM.

But seriously, our mum is a champion, she was a single working mama and worked her butt off to support us kiddos. I'm blessed to have 3 amazing siblings and have gained a beautiful sister in law, wonderful brother in law, gorgeous niece and incredible nephew in the deal too!

Family is a beautiful thing, but let's get's also messy and holds a lot of pain too. But where there is pain, there is opportunity for healing. I look at this photo of my family and I see so much redemption. I see God's incredible work of healing and restoration. He's not done yet but oh, if you could see how far we've come, you'd get weepy. Miracles happen.

How stunning is my family!! 

All photos by Rachael Alexendra + Co (duhh!)