Embracing Life's Messes

It's a known face that I've never been a neat freak. My best friend warned my husband in her maid of honour speech on our wedding day, ha.
And with having babies, I think that fact has been a blessing in disguise....(but ask my husband, he may have a different opinion, ha!) 

Honestly, having a clean and tidy home does bring me peace...but if you have kiddos, you know these cute little creatures sure love to do everything in their tiny power to destroy said clean and tidy house.....seriously, how can one tiny creature do so much damage in so little time!?

At first Luca's messes stressed me out like crazy. Food all over the floor, pots and bowls out of every cupboard, toys absolutely everywhere. But I've been learning as a mama (and soon to be mama of 2!!!!) that sometimes you need to embrace life's messes...and be thankful that great cleaning products from The Libman Company exist!

So these days instead of putting everything away as he tornadoes through the toy box, I'm choosing to embrace the mess, to just sit on the floor, play and discover the world with him. It's really so neat to see the world through the eyes of a tiny human.


And the crazy thing is, I'm discovering that he LOVES to clean! (I think he gets that from his dada, ha!) We purchased a Libman broom for him yesterday from Canadian Tire and it's his new favourite toy. It's the cutest thing to see him tottering around the house trying to sweep up messes....but hey at 38 weeks pregnant, I'll take ANY help I can get lols.


P.S. While we were at Canadian Tire we checked out The Libman Company's full line and got hooked on their Wonder Mop ...especially the fact that it's machine washable aka no disposable refil pads!

Also, if you sign up for their newsletter, you get $3 off your purchase!

I'd love to hear from some of you experienced mamas out there...how do you embrace the messes? How do you balance the cleaning AND the enjoying your little one's discovery of the world?