postpartum fitness journey


Okay, guys, if we're friends on instagram, you will have seen that I started the first week of BBG (aka Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines) A lot of you had some questions, so I thought it would be easier if I did a post about it!

But before that here's a little back story on my fitness journey....for the past 10 years, running has been my main form of fitness (you can read more about it here) Back in 2014, I ran a half marathon and I'm hoping to do another one in a couple years but back in 2015 when we were trying to get pregnant, I wasn't as diligent with my running..I still worked out, I just was about 5lbs from my goal weight (135lbs...and I know I shouldn't get caught up in just weight but for me, I know that is a healthy weight with muscle, so I use it as a guide!) We then got pregnant with Luca and I continued to workout/run/walk up until I delivered him! In that pregnancy I gained 45lbs and got up to 185lbs. 

I didn't lose a whole lot breastfeeding so at about 5 months pp I got a bit more serious and joined a gym and made a few diet changes...I got down to 150lbs with 10lbs to go until my pre-Luca weight but then we got pregnant again! With London, I was not as diligent with exercise but I guess I ate a bit better because I only gained 35lbs instead of 45! In the fall and winter, I was superrrr lazy with working out but I managed to lose most of my pre-London weight so I'm now currently hovering around that being said, 20lbs to lose and a whole lot of muscle to gain!

So this time around I wanted to try something a bit more programmed. I had done a bunch of Bikini Body Mommy videos on youtube but I wanted something more challenging so I decided to do BBG! There is an app that looks amazing but it costs about $25cad/month soooo I'd rather save that money and just figure it out with the PDF!

Here's what a week of the program looks like:

  • Day 1: Legs + Cardio. 2 circuits that you do twice. Each circuit is 7 minutes long so the workout will take roughly 35 mins with warm up + cool down.
  • Day 2 + 4: Cardio. 35-45 minutes. She suggests power walking
  • Day 3: Same jam as day 1.
  • Day 5: Full Body Workout. Same jam as day 1.
  • Day 6: Sprints (15 minutes of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off) + Stretching.
  • Day 7: Rest

Here's how my first week went:

  • Day 1: did it! sooo challenging but so good!
  • Day 2: I ran/walked the golf course near my house. It's super hilly but felt good to do!
  • Day 3: So many ab exercises...which killed me because I haven't touched my abs since pre-Luca lols
  • Day 4: Didn't have time to run/walk :(
  • Day 5: It was an optional one so I didn't do it because I was super sore from previous days
  • Day 6: Did the sprints and almost puked, ha!! I only did 10 too but man, they killlled me. I didn't do the stretching, whoops.

Okay, so it was a pretty good week 1. I ate waaaayyyy too much Easter chocolate which probably made me almost puke during the sprints, ha. It sure feels great to have my muscles sore again!! I feel like my body was saying THANK YOU for working out again, ha.

If you do the PDF, I'd suggest getting an interval timer app to walk you through the workouts. Here is what I set up:



So all in all, I am sooo happy I started it. I planned this week out and don't know how I'm going to fit in the cardio (I have some night commitments this week, and James is out the two nights I don't have commitments, ha....I wish we had a treadmill!!) but I'll try!

Have you done BBG? I'd love to hear how it worked out for you!!