What you need for your 0-3 month old baby

There are SOOO MANY BABY THINGS out there. It’s overwhelming. Lots of people say you don’t need much. Those people are liars…or delusional. (JK JK)

But thing is, you do need a lot of stuff….just the right stuff. After having two under two, I learned quickly what you need and what you don’t need.

Scroll for my master list!

Essentials for your 0-3 month old baby.


SLEEP: I shared everything that you need in HOW TO GET YOUR BABY TO SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT post, be sure to check it out for some amazing sleeping baby tips! But here are the is what you need for the first 3 months.

  • VELCRO SLEEP SACK (US Link) Velcro Sleep Sack (CAN Link)- keeps baby’s swaddled so they will not wake themselves up with their arms!!

  • WHITE NOISE (US Link) White noise (CAN Link)- helps baby sleep longer and also soothing for you to go back to sleep. We had both kids in our room until they were 7 weeks old.

  • Baby Bed or Dockatot- The Dockatot was a LIFESAVER! London settled to sleep so easily in this. It was also great to put her in it around the house. USE THIS LINK TO SAVE $10! Luca slept great in this bed.

  • SWING/BOUNCER (US Link) Swing/Bouncer (CAN Link)- The swing is great for getting baby to sleep for naps or just a place to put baby down. I like the two in ones because you can take the bouncer out around the house. I’d put London in it and then put it on our table so Luca couldn’t poke her while I was cooking dinner! Also, I would bring it to the bathroom when I would shower or do my makeup!


  • PACIFIER (US Link) Soother/Pacifier (CAN Link)- These are my favourite. As baby gets older they can hold it in!

  • Milk Snob Cover- These are a lifesaver for me!!! I would usually time London’s naps with my outings. I’d nurse her, put her in the carseat, and when we’d go out, I would pop this cover over the carseat and stick a portable white noise in it. She’d stay asleep the whole outing! You can also use it to nurse under. My baby’s get easily distracted so it was perfect to keep them eating AND they slept on flights nursing under this cover. I can’t recommend a Milk Snob enough!!

  • STROLLER TOY (US Link) Stroller Toys (CAN Link)- We loved this little cloud from Skip Hop!

  • DIAPER GENIE (US Link) Diaper Genie (CAN Link)- We love our diaper genies! Babies POOP a lot!! And their poop stinks so you defs want to not let those dirty diapers sit in your garbage! The diaper genie hides the smell. We have a white one for Luca and a pink one for London.


  • BUCKET CAR SEAT (US Link) Bucket Car Seat (CAN Link)- I loved my Maxi-Cosi but there are so many great ones on the market. Make sure you get one that attaches to your stroller because taking a sleeping baby out of the car seat is NO FUN.

  • Stroller- We have a Bugaboo single and a double Bumble Ride. The Bugaboo is great for city living (we loved using it in NYC) but the Bumble Ride is soo great for any terrain! We got ours used, which I HIGHLY recommend as brand new strollers are PRICEY!

  • HEAD REST MIRROR (US Link) Head rest mirror (CAN Link)- This makes driving waaay better because you can actually see your little one! Even though London is 11 months, I still glance at her sweet face in the car.


  • COMOTOMO BOTTLES (US Link) Comotomo Bottles (CAN LINK) + NUK BOTTLE (US Link) Nuk bottle (CAN Link)- I breastfed both babes off the top but we tried to give the occasional bottle of pumped milk. Luca only took the Comotomo but London preferred the Nuk (she wouldn’t really take a bottle until 4 months!!)

  • MEDELA FREESTYLE PUMP (US Link) Medela Freestyle Pump (CAN Link)- I had a single with Luca but this time around I borrowed this one from my sis and it is AMAZING! I love how it’s cordless

  • Cheap Sports Bras from Walmart- Here’s a hack. Cut holes in the nipples and BOOM handsfree nursing bra!

Am I missing anything? Let me know in the comments :)