I’ve had the privilege of being a bridesmaid twice before…and last night I had the privilege once again!

It’s not everyday you are a witness/bridesmaid in an impromptu wedding ceremony! Oh the adventures I have working at @gtvictoria… was what I tweeted yesterday at 7:00pm.

The first time I was a bridesmaid it was for my beautiful friend, Chelsea ! (She’s actually expecting their first child, a baby boy (!), at the end of this month)

image from the amazing Jon-Mark Photography

Chelsea & Johnny are an amazing couple! Their wedding was beyond beautiful. Even with a few hiccups (the vintage car broke down, we were 45 minutes late for the reception), it was an amazing day!!!

The second time I was a bridesmaid was at my brother’s wedding last summer.


more from Jon-Mark Photography

Emy is seriously one sweet lady. My brother is so lucky to have her and we are so blessed to have her in the famjam! It was a beyond lovely day. They are off to Europe for two months this week..have fun guys!!!!

And the third time was last night…

here’s the story..

So this couple contact the church to get married.(She’s from America, he’s from the gulf islands, they’re in their 50s) They tentatively booked a date (June 12th) through an email in early May. I never heard back from them and (horribly) forgot. Yesterday at 1 minute to 5 (closing time), they entered the church office, ready to be wed! Some details had to be taken care of but an hour later Pastor Andy married them while Danae & I stood by as witnesses/bridesmaids.

They were seriously soooo sweet & seemed very much in love. The bride repeatedly hugged Danae & I and called us her bridesmaids. Her eyes were full of tears and she grasped her husband’s hand. What an honour to be able to pray for the newlyweds.

Even though it was last minute, even though it was in our little prayer room, even though there wasn’t a big wedding party, even though there were no rings to exchange, even though the Pastor was wearing toms, even though there were no flowers…it was an absolutely, beautiful ceremony where the most important thing was clear.

Two people who loved each other very much were united together in marriage in the sight of God.