You may have a couple questions.

1. What the junk is an arm party?

2. What are with those creepy arms?

Hey, it’s a good thing to ask questions.

An arm party will always stir up questions.

Here are a couple questions I get asked daily…

1. What time is it?

2. What’s with the watches?

Want to know a secret that’s actually not a secret at all? My arms have parties. Want to know something else? Yours can too.

So to answer your first question, an arm party can be defined as inviting a couple bracelets, watches, piece of string to your wrist. 

You can be very creative with the guest list.

Spikes are the ba’s who show up late.

Friendship bracelets aren’t just for the under-age parties.

You can never invite too many watches.

(Yes the photo above is my weirdly shaped arm.)

The more the merrier.

Photos via my pinterest.

My arm party in action.

So go forth, send out your invites and arm party it up.

stay gold,


ps. if you want one of those sweet friendship bracelets lemme know! I can make you one for $5.