i did have a posting schedule all set and ready for november but unfortunately i have procrastinated my distance studies and am currently hiding (and crying) behind these books on my desk. 

i will be back at the end of this month and i promise you…i have so much in store for ssheart! i’m counting down the days till i can work on my new site (yes, look out for a new design and a move from tumblr to a big girl website in january!) i’m planning collaborations and christmas diys and i’ve discovered my new favourite cookie recipe that i cannot wait to share…!

anyways, i’m back to the ol books…thank you for sticking around! in the meantime check out some of my favourite blogs to read…

bleubird (cutest famjam, full of inspiring things)

she loves magazine (a big ol warm hug for your soul)

joy the baker (cookies or life crisis? this girl knows what’s up)