coachella. and. disney. trip. of. our. lives. (incase you were wondering)

A year ago in April I remember watching a youtube video of Jay-Z performing Young Forever, he surprised the crowd with bringing Beyonce out to sing the chorus. My heart melted a little bit in that moment…and I knew deep down, I needed to be at coachella the following year. I then became obsessed with coachella. I read numerous blogs about the festival, drooled over all the pictures of celebrities there (oh m geee, ZAC EFRON!), I scoured the message boards on the coachella website reading about the magical adventures, and one week later when I was visiting my bestie (Rachel) in Vancouver we started to plan for next year’s festival.

When planning such a vacation a good first (IMPORTANT) question is, who the heck do we bring with us? Courtney was sitting with us, so naturally she was invited right then and there. There we began planning a beautiful adventure. Finding a fourth was difficult but thankfully Thea came to her senses and decided to come.

We decided to roadtrip it down and Rachel being the amazing planner she was, had a folder (because nothing is official unless you have a folder) set up in no time and before we knew it CADTOOL was really happening. And my apologies to those of you who we pissed off with our plastering CADTOOL everywhere (and not letting you know what it stood for), we were very obnoxious but all is fair in love and coachella? :)

So we ventured out on April 11th, 2011 in Courtney’s mama’s SUV (THANK YOU DEB!). And what an adventure did we have! Thankfully I had a new moleskine (thanks to my amazing boyfriend!) to record what I saw and heard.

All in all it was an amazing adventure packed in with oodles of goodness and magical moments with my besties (and lots and lots of driving). We ventured from Victoria to San Francisco to Santa Monica to COACHELLA to San Diego to Anaheim to LA to Anaheim to Mammoth to Portland to HOME!

I’ll be doing a COACHELLA write up soon but if you want to hear more about the trip, take me out for coffee and I’d be glad to chat you up. :)

stay gold,