flamingo pool float

This summer looks different than any other summer I've had. No longer can I quickly pack a bag and simply head to the beach to soak up some rays. We still have some fun things planned (hello Parksville with James' family!, seeing daddy play at Rock the Shores, bbqs, my 30th birthday...) and now that our baby is five weeks (AHHHH!) we're way more comfortable with bringing him out. BUT part of me is living vicariously through these lazy days of summer pics...I mean, lounging in a flamingo floatie...will I ever be able to do that before I'm 40 and the kids have grown out of infancy? lols

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Oh summer, I love you.

Happy Monday!


Outdoor party idea

My birthday is coming (August 28th, incase you were wondering ;) and this year I'm throwing a backyard bash. In my early 20s I loved hosting huge themed birthday parties (i.e. Hairspray themed, Pretentious Party, Trashtastic, Gangsta, etc) but for the past few years I've had more intimate gatherings. I know my 30th (next year...aaahhh!) will be real big (& golden) so this year I'm throwing a dinner party in our backyard. I'm thinking a summer-boho vibe... lights, low table, wildflowers in jars, candles, rugs and pillows. 

Obviously I went to my number one source for inspiration (PINTEREST)...and here's what vibe I'm digging.

Boho Backyard Dinner Party
Backyard party
Boho Dinner Party
let's gather

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How good are all of those?? So much inspiration to drool over...and that food above (#GOALS) ???!

Have you had a backyard dinner party? If so, I'd love some tips!!




oh the sea

Hiiiii. Hope you had a fabulous weekend/Monday. Mondays are my day off after a very full Sunday and I like to keep them chillll. James and I were able to spend a bit of time together which was nice. He's been crazy busy with school and band stuff. He just finished a 5 day local tour with shows in Duncan, Vancouver, Victoria, Victoria and Nanaimo. I went to the Duncan and second Victoria show and all I gotta say is daaaang. Towers & Trees puts on a good show! I so loved seeing my man up there doing what he loves to do. He'll be leaving soon for a three week tour. I'm going to miss him SOOOO MUCH! But I'll be busy here with work, school, Rachel's wedding, blogging, running and house stuff and pinteresting obvs......

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Are we BFFS yet???

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