Is it just me or does anyone else think that summer is going by way toooooo quickly? We're almost halfway through July...and I'm kinda freaking out here! Anyone else? I thought it would be fun to round up a few summer essentials....because everybody needs a giant inflatable flamingo in their life...right!

Essentials for summer time!

1. Straw Bag
2. Rose Gold Inflatable Flamingo
3. SPF 40 Sunscreen
4. Blue Jays Hat
5. White Arizona Birkenstock (living in these alllllll summer long #pregnantwomandreamshoe )
6. Red One Piece Swimsuit
7. You Are Gold Water Cup

Such cute things hey!!? Would love to know what's on your summer essential list?





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Well friends. I was going to write a fun post for you but SHONDA RHIMES RUINED EVERYTHING. #WHYOHWHYGREYS 

So here are some links instead-

The aftermath of last night's greys. (*SPOILER ALERT) Add me on snapchat to see my aftermath @lauraliira

An odd but very cute photo collection of Japanese Dad's doing jumping shots beside their teenage daughters.

My go to post-run smoothie from early this week!

And if Shonda Rhimes actually cares about you... (another SPOILER ALERT)

I'm in love with my new citizen jeans but I got my eyes on these ones too...just have to win another mayfair gift card ;)

Oh and did I mention I BURNT MY FACE OFF WITH MY HAIR STRAIGHTENER...wish I had these tips two days ago.


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Happy FriYAY.

sincerely still crying from greys....




I'm a fan of massive bags. I have one that I got from H & M a year and a half ago but I'm on the hunt for a real leather one. I'm not the crazy impulsive shopper I once was (and my finances are thanking me, speaking of, soon I'm going to be sharing some posts on budgeting..yahoooo!) so I'm in NO rush....that's right sales girl, I won't cry if that bag sells out. If I won the bag lottery, I would choose this Celine bag in a second. But there's no such thing as a bag lottery, and I will never fathom spending that kinda $$$ on a bag. 

So here I am patiently stalking some online stores looking for my glass slipper of big black bags....I haven't found mine yet but these ones are kinda cute....

Big Black Bags

1 // 2 // 3

Funny story...I was this close to buying the Aritzia one when it was on sale ($75 off regular price) but they were sold out everywhere and my only option was to order it online and get it in March...I was soooo close to doing it but the delay and the fact that it doesn't have a zipper (aka one big open bag) made me change my mind...good grief lol

Got any fun weekend plans?? I DO! We're heading to Van for the day tomorrow to go to West Elm and IKEA!! Soooooo stoked. One thing I'm not stoked about though is this stupid virus that I have...I got tested for strep, but the doctor thinks I just have a virus...but the worst thing of all is I have NO was going yesterday and today I could barely speak a sentence.. PTL for text messaging!

Happy Friday!



Stocking Stuffers

1. Cat Hand Mirror // 2. Heart Water Bottle // 3. Glitter Confetti iPhone Case // 4. Mega Babe Keychain // 5. Nest Rollerball //             6. Gold Dot Back Up Battery // 7. Nail Polish

Past Holiday Gift Guides:

Finished your Christmas shopping yet? I, surprisingly, am almost done! Usually I finish mine on Christmas Eve but this year I got a bit of a head start. Just have to find a couple stocking stuffers for James and a few gifts for family members but other than that I am done! 

Got any fun weekend plans? My sisters and sister-in-law are having a baking date Saturday afternoon and then it's a good friend's 30th!..Other than that, I'll be PACKING PACKING PACKING!!! 

Happy Friday!



Boy oh Boy. Does anyone else find it SO difficult to find a gift for guys?? This year, instead of giving one another an exact list of gift ideas, we've set a price limit and decided to surprise each other. For James that'll be easy because I LOVE EVERYTHING but man for me, it's a lot harder!! Are any of you like me? If so, I've got you covered...I spent a loooong time finding some gift ideas for that man in your life...

Holiday Gift Guide for Him!

1. Patterned Socks // 2. Leather Messenger Bag // 3. Brass Shaving Set // 4. John Varvatos Artisan Aqua // 5. Pocket Notebooks // 6. Grey Beanie

Past Holiday Gift Guides:

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I plan on spending it writing a paper and PACKING...oh goodness....!