there have been times in my life where it seemed like nothing was really lining up. i would read my bible reading plan, pray and it would feel like nothing was being revealed to me. but then there are times like this morning where things just click.

yesterday i didn’t have enough time to complete my full readings in my you version plan so i pressed ‘catch me up’ and read through genesis 27-29 today. i was particularly drawn to 28:15, even though the words were directed to jacob, i felt God speaking to me, so i highlighted it up. two minutes later i was reading today’s devo in ‘Jesus calling’ and guess what one of the verses was? yep, genesis 28:15. it just clicked. God was speaking to me.

on another note, i was planning on posting today about my one word for 2013; walk. with the post already on my mind, guess how excited i was when the other verse for today (from ‘Jesus calling’) was Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walkfor I give myself to you.” -psalm 143:8

i don’t believe in coincidences. i believe in God moments. in God moments, things just click. i can’t help but smile when things click. i’m reminded that God cares for me. it’s a pretty incredible thought to ponder that God who created the universe in all it’s vastness, cares for me. little ol me. and you know what? He cares for you too. 

praying that things would click for you today,


(p.s. i’ll get to that one word post very soon, i have some pretty incredible news!!!)