Coachella 2 starts today…well camping opened up yesterday. Ah, it feels like just yesterday when we (Rachel, Thea, Courtney & I) were in the long car line up to get in. We were slightly scared but not terrified of the numerous party cars surrounding us. But once we got to our car site, all was grand. We quickly became known as the sober girls who play boardgames. (Which I’m totally ok with.)

Anyways…if I were going this year, I’d bring these gems

all items from topshop (which, btw, The Bay, downtown Vancouver sells!!)

Last weekend I caught a couple of the coachella shows online…do it up!

I only got to see M83, Bon Iver, Florence & a bit of Snoop & Dre. But there are heaps more!

This weekend for me is crrrraaay. But amazing!

Tomorrow morning I’m speaking at a Women’s Breakfast at another Church in town, then heading off to Van to see COLDPLAY!!!!!!!!!! Then I’m excited to frolick around downtown Van with my love on Sunday…yay weekend!

stay gold,