These are pretty much the BEST CUPCAKES you will ever eat.

I had to seriously restrain myself from not eating the entire batch.

Let’s start from the top..

Crumbled Oreos on top of Cream Cheese Frosting… Some of you out there don’t like Cream Cheese Frosting..there is something seriously wrong with you.

Now onto the middle… 

A basic vanilla cupcake with chopped up oreos inside. Heaps and heaps of oreos.

Oh by the way, did you know it’s Oreo’s 100th anniversary? Because of the big birthday, they made CAKE BATTER OREOS. Simply, amazing. (Side note..does anyone remember those amazing neon Oreos that came out when you were a kid? They defs need to bring those back.)

So instead of putting in regular Oreos, I used chopped up CAKE BATTER one. Delish.

Now the bottom. Usually the bottom of a cupcake ain’t too exciting. But this cupcake has some serious junk in it’s trunk…at the very bottom of each cupcake is half of an oreo. Crunchy, chocolatey goodness. Oh baby. 

If you’re on a diet…I’m sorry, but you seriously have to make these.

Recipe at Annie’s Eats (she’s an incredible baker, I highly recommend checking out her blog!!)

enjoy the sunshine :)