Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I think it’s safe to say..SPRING HAS ARRIVED! Booooyah!

I got to drive around with the top down of my Cabrio..sad to be selling this little guy (need a car anyone? buy mine! ha) 

A year ago I was at Coachella music festival…insane how quickly time goes by! James & I caught a couple of the shows on Even though last year I was at Coachella, I’d have to say that this past weekend was even better than last weekend…!

Because this past Saturday we had out ENGAGEMENT PARTAY!!! It was seriously so much fun. First of all thank you soooooo much to Margaret & John who hosted us! We got to hang, chat, laugh & eat with a bunch of friends & family. It was seriously lovely. We even roasted marshmallows in the backyard….delish!

In other news…this past week I booked off time off work for the..HONEYMOON!!!! eeeeeee! so insanely excited for this…!

and in even other news…on Saturday we’re going to COLDPLAY!!!!!!!!

And also thank you to my dear friend Molly who gave me a stunning bouquet! (It’s sitting on my desk at work)

Life is amazing.