hey friends,

hope you had a lovely weekend. boo to daylight savings. i went to bed so excited that it was only 11:20pm and then realized it was actually 12:20am…sad times. i don’t know if i mentioned it on here before but james is a night owl and i am a morning person. if i could, i would go to bed at 10 and wake up at 6 every day…but we meet somewhere in the middle (usually with me falling asleep first, ha).

anyways, it’s crunch time round our household. we’re both working on finishing our hebrews course (due march 26th)! only need to write two papers and ace the final. no biggie….please pray for us. i haven’t written an essay for almost 5 years… and i’m faced daily with decisions like this…

ok, i’ll stop complaining. but please pray for us :)