major hottie.

christmas has come to the liira’s!! wooooot. seriously, all i want to do is make a mug of hot chocolate and sit and stare at the christmas tree. we also have christmas music playing 24/7. and leftover cookies from the baking exchange i went to…oh did i mention they’re almost gone…5 dozen…yikes (i’ve given some to guests i’ve had over, don’t worry!!)

i can’t do christmas with a fake tree. i just can’t. so this year we borrowed a tree stand (thanks richmond family!), ventured to country grocer and picked up this beauty. i did want to go to a farm and chop down a tree BUT it was much cheaper this way and it seems like a great tree. and mmmmmmmm it smells like heaven.

tonight is our staff christmas party…SO STOKED. oh and today i picked up louboutins (pics coming tomorrow!) from the thrift store for $70 (thanks Rayael for finding the goods!!) yay, it’s a dang good monday.

hope you have a delightful day!